• ADAS3022 FGPA code question

    Received over e-mail:

    I want to ask about your ADAS3022 FPGA implementation. I'm using ADAS3022 with Xilinx Spartan 3a FPGA and as a base I use your verilog code. I want to ask how you implemented SPI interface for ADAS3022. I try to analize SPI rx/tx…

  • ADAS3022 Sequencer Mode

    a question about the ADAS3022 Sequencer Mode to avoid any misunderstanding.
    For moving-to/processing the next input channel within the sequence, does the ADAS3022 require a CNV pulse for each sequencer step? Or is there just one CNV pulse for a complete…

  • How to control ADAS3022?

    I am using EVAL-ADAS3022EDZ in order to perform a data acquisition (for any input, just the first test). But the ADAS3022 Evaluation Software does not permit to change the parameters I need to change.

    I would like to find an alternative way to perform…

  • ADAS3022 power Sequence

    Do the ADAS3022 require any special power sequence?

  • ADAS3022 simulation with LTSpice


    I would like to simulate the ADAS3022 in LTSpice.

    Is there a simulation model available?

    Regards, Niels

  • About ADAS3022 crosstalk

    my customer is using ADAS3022 in their project, he found crosstalk between the channels,when he added 5V signal in the channel 1, he also can read data from channel 2 which is floating, what do you think cause the problem?

  • ADAS3022 code to voltage conversion


    I'm working with the ADAS3022 and would like to convert the 16 bit codes it produces into voltages. I am currently using the following formula:

    V = (CODE / GAIN) * (2*VREF)/32768

    This produces reasonable values, but it appears that the LSB value…

  • ADAS3022 Recommended Circuit Help

    I see in the Recommended circuit schematic for the ADAS3022 ADC that the ADR434 is to be used for providing the 4.096 V reference voltage. When I considered the ADR434 datasheet, I see that it is meant to operate at a voltage from 6V-18V. The Recommended…

  • ADAS3022 CFG Readback

    ADAS3022 CFG Readback question. On page 33 of the datasheet, there is as CFG Readback section. Will that feature give me back the CFG data for the channel that was read out ? For example, at the EOC, CFG for channel (n + 2) is sent on DIN and data for…

  • Question about ADAS3022

    Hi All,

    I have tested several ADAS3022s mounted on my PCB and found something like a crosstalk as attached.

    When a differential signal is applied to IN0/IN1, its AC component appears at only the IN2/IN3. When a differential signal is applied to IN2/IN3…