• RE: CN0201 P4 Interface

    Hi Bob,

    Have you checked the ADAS3022 product page?


    We have the ADAS3022 reference FPGA design based on the CED1Z available on our website. It contains all the files necessary to program the CED1Z board through P4 interface…

  • RE: ADAS3022 Heat sink required or not?

    Hi Simon,

    There is no heat sink required for the ADAS3022. The 4 holes around the ADAS3022 on the evaluation board are for the IC socket .



  • RE: ADAS3023 PGIA gain config

    Hi, Larry.

    Only channels 0 and 1 of the ADAS3023 can be controlled independently. Lorime is right, you can try the ADAS3022. Using the ADAS3022's advanced sequencer mode (see page 39 of the ADAS3022 datasheet) allows for individual channel ranges to…

  • ADAS3022 input RC Filter issue tracking

    Hi, All

    ADAS3022 input RC Filter issue tracking as below description.

    1. The Ri = 0805/90.9R on the ADAS3022 EVK, How to decide the Rivalue?

    2. The IN0+(Reference com point, no connect to ADAS3022 GND) inupt current is 20mA(@5V input), when the ADAS3022…

  • ADAS3022 Power Supplies and Power-On Sequence

    What power supplies does the ADAS3022 require, and is there a power-on sequence
    that should be adhered to?


    The ADAS3022 requires these five supplies: AVDD = +5V, DVDD = + 5V, VDDH = +
    15V, VSSH = - 15V, and VIO = 1.8V to 5V. There is…
  • ADAS3022 IBIS Model

    Is there an IBIS model available for the ADAS3022?


    Yes, please follow the link below:

  • RE: CN0201 ADAS3022

    Hello Nabz,

    Did you check the ADAS3022 datasheet?


    As shown in the datasheet , the typical single-ended input range is listed in the Table 1. The maximum voltage range for the ADAS3022 is ±24.576 V as specified in the Table 2…

  • RE: Interfacing a Raspberry PI with ADAS3022

    All the information you need about the ADAS3022 is in the datasheet. You should carefully look at the timing specifications in table 3, digital interface and configuration register sections in the datasheet. As shown in table 10, you can select the number…

  • ADAS3022 power supply acceptable peak-to-peak noise and ripple level

    Hi all, 

    I want to ask about powering ADAS3022, I've desingned power supply for different IC which for loads required by ADA3022 have ripple and noise (measured on the output capacitor of power supply circuit): 

    +/-7mV pp on +15V rail (VDDH)


  • About the noise of ADAS3022

    There were the following questions from our customer.

    Please advice on how to improve.

    Noise, such as the waveform of the attached can be observed in the input signal to the ADAS3022.

    Please look at the [Noise waveform.png]

    There is no noise in the…