• ADAS3022 code to voltage conversion


    I'm working with the ADAS3022 and would like to convert the 16 bit codes it produces into voltages. I am currently using the following formula:

    V = (CODE / GAIN) * (2*VREF)/32768

    This produces reasonable values, but it appears that the LSB value…

  • ADAS3022: FAQs

    Is there an IBIS model available for the ADAS3022?


    Yes, please follow the link below:


  • ADAS3022 Multiplexer

    I read a data sheet of ADAS3022.
    I found a part to be worried about in 26 pages of chapters of the multiplexer.
    Is it a mistake?

    • Figure 61C: IN[7:0] differential pairs. For pairs, COM = 0.
    • Figure 61C: IN[7:0] differential pairs. Four pairs,…
  • ADAS3022 SPI

    I am using ADAS3022 in one of my desings in which i plan to interface it directly with FTDI USB to SPI chip. What i would like to know about is if
    the SPI in this deivce is 4/8 or 16bit.
    The pdf discusses the CFG flag which is 16bit wide but not much…

  • ADAS3022 Code


     There is another question.  Pls. help.

     When reading and writing ADAS3022, Can I first write CFG(IN2) and then write three CFG=0 to  keep current configuration settings, and the SDO value read at this time is the IN2 measurement value?Because there is alw…

  • ADAS3022 data transfer


    I would like to use ADAS3022.

    But, I have two question. About DIN SDO

    #1        In case of BUSY = H, is it not possible to transfer SDO data?(In Figure4)

    #2       Although it can be extended for tDDCA, it says that it can not be recommended, but what kind…

  • CN0201 ADAS3022

    Dear All,

                      My question is related to CN0201 ADAS3022 , I am making DAQ

    1)What will be maximum voltage range of ADAS3022 in single ended application ? 

    2) do i need single ended to differential convertor for input ?

    3) What will be modification in…

  • ADAS3022 FGPA code question

    Received over e-mail:

    I want to ask about your ADAS3022 FPGA implementation. I'm using ADAS3022 with Xilinx Spartan 3a FPGA and as a base I use your verilog code. I want to ask how you implemented SPI interface for ADAS3022. I try to analize SPI rx/tx…

  • ADAS3022 Sequencer Mode

    a question about the ADAS3022 Sequencer Mode to avoid any misunderstanding.
    For moving-to/processing the next input channel within the sequence, does the ADAS3022 require a CNV pulse for each sequencer step? Or is there just one CNV pulse for a complete…

  • ADAS3022 power Sequence

    Do the ADAS3022 require any special power sequence?