Hello. I'd like to ask about ADAS3022 AVDD powering.

    I have +5v from DCDC on my board.

    Do I need +5v from LDO for AVDD?


  • Single channel SPI communication through ADAS3022

    How to configure IN1 channel alone and get SPI (SDO)output in ADAS3022?

  • RE: ADAS3022 Failure mode


    ADAS3022 Evalution board using External Spi communication we are modified jumper . We are facing issues for differential voltage measurements.Spi communication  we got only one channel output and remaining output not correct. Please help me. 

  • RE: ADAS3022 Arduino example code for all channel reading we need


    During configuration I write the configuration onto MOSI (SDI) on the first conversion serial transfer and then execute two more conversions with data accesses with 0x0000 passed to the device such that no further updates to the configuration…

  • ADAS3022: FAQs

    Is there an IBIS model available for the ADAS3022?


    Yes, please follow the link below:


  • ADAS3022 code to voltage conversion


    I'm working with the ADAS3022 and would like to convert the 16 bit codes it produces into voltages. I am currently using the following formula:

    V = (CODE / GAIN) * (2*VREF)/32768

    This produces reasonable values, but it appears that the LSB value…

  • ADAS3022 Multiplexer

    I read a data sheet of ADAS3022.
    I found a part to be worried about in 26 pages of chapters of the multiplexer.
    Is it a mistake?

    • Figure 61C: IN[7:0] differential pairs. For pairs, COM = 0.
    • Figure 61C: IN[7:0] differential pairs. Four pairs,…
  • ADAS3022 SPI

    I am using ADAS3022 in one of my desings in which i plan to interface it directly with FTDI USB to SPI chip. What i would like to know about is if
    the SPI in this deivce is 4/8 or 16bit.
    The pdf discusses the CFG flag which is 16bit wide but not much…

  • ADAS3022 Code


     There is another question.  Pls. help.

     When reading and writing ADAS3022, Can I first write CFG(IN2) and then write three CFG=0 to  keep current configuration settings, and the SDO value read at this time is the IN2 measurement value?Because there is alw…

  • ADAS3022 data transfer


    I would like to use ADAS3022.

    But, I have two question. About DIN SDO

    #1        In case of BUSY = H, is it not possible to transfer SDO data?(In Figure4)

    #2       Although it can be extended for tDDCA, it says that it can not be recommended, but what kind…