• ADAS3022 Power Supplies and Power-On Sequence

    What power supplies does the ADAS3022 require, and is there a power-on sequence
    that should be adhered to?


    The ADAS3022 requires these five supplies: AVDD = +5V, DVDD = + 5V, VDDH = +
    15V, VSSH = - 15V, and VIO = 1.8V to 5V. There is NO power…

  • Is there an IBIS model available for the ADAS3022?

    Is there an IBIS model available for the ADAS3022?


    Yes, please follow the link below:


  • ADAS3022 recommended ADC driver, external reference and reference buffer options

    What are the recommended ADC driver, external reference and reference buffer


    The ADAS3022 datasheet recommends the ADA4841 and AD8031 as ADC driver (to
    drive auxiliary input pair - AUX±) and reference buffer, respectively. Other …

  • Single channel SPI communication through ADAS3022

    How to configure IN1 channel alone and get SPI (SDO)output in ADAS3022?

  • ADAS3022 Accuracy Issue


    We are using EVAL-ADAS3022EDZ board to evaluate ADAS3022 chip.

    We intended to measure +/- 5V using this board & configuration value we have is 'F57E'.

    Below is the result. 

    VREF IN results +2.844 Voltage. 

    We are expecting linear output…

  • ADAS3022 code to voltage conversion


    I'm working with the ADAS3022 and would like to convert the 16 bit codes it produces into voltages. I am currently using the following formula:

    V = (CODE / GAIN) * (2*VREF)/32768

    This produces reasonable values, but it appears that the LSB value…

  • RE: ADAS3022 Failure mode


    ADAS3022 Evalution board using External Spi communication we are modified jumper . We are facing issues for differential voltage measurements.Spi communication  we got only one channel output and remaining output not correct. Please help me. 

  • Output of ADC (ADAS3022) is not stable


    I am using ADAS3022 (ADC Board) interfacing with HDK as shown in the below figure


    With the clock frequency of 1MHZ.

    Below table shows the expected output for the given input voltage

    Below is the output table which I got

    Input Voltage




    There is no requirement for using a Low Drop Out Regulator as long as you understand the potential sources of error that can be introduced through the supplies. Please note that the switching frequency for the regulator you are proposing falls within…