• Choice of ad8232 or ADAS1000-3 chip to take ECG signals

    I am currently developing a device that analyzes the ECG signals to basically study the bit rate. I am using the AD8232, but I have been evaluating the possibility of changing to the ADAS1000-3, but looking in its datasheet I found a part that indicates…

  • SPI communication between the ADAS1000-3 and the Intel Edison platform


    I am currently working on the development of an ECG, and I have been using several alternatives. I mainly work with the AD8232, but I have started working with the ADAS1000-3 for a theme of having greater features and functions.

    I am using the…

  • ADAS1000-3/4 CE Electrode Operation

    Hi Catherine,

    Thank you for the nice compilation. I have few questions on ADAS1000-3/4.

    1. Can the analog inputs be configured as digital/single ended mode and used to measure 'V' leads?

    2. Can the AFE be configured different modes (…

  • AD8232 vs ADAS1000-3

    I am confused now. These two are amazing but the problem is i cant select any. See What i want to do is have two terminals LA and RA and extract the ECG signals. ADAS1000-3 seems to be complex when it comes to interfacing however in the datasheet of AD…

  • ADAS1000-3 and analog switch

    Dear Sir,



    We want to measure three couples of differential signals only with an  ADAS1000-3 .We thought we could change analog switch three times in order to measure 3 couples of differential signals,but  we found we get wrong data frames. IT seems…

  • ADAS1000 GPIO0-3 used for?.

    In ADAS1000 GPIO0-3 is used for what all purposes other than mentioned Below?

    GPIO0-2 as secondary SPI

    GPIO3 as External signal generator Sync signal for Respiration circuit.

    ideally i am looking at sending signals from ADAS1000 to MCU. What all possible…

  • Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with ADAS1000


    I'm working on a pilot to read ECG data through electrode that uses ADAS1000 interfacing with Raspberry Pi 3 B+.

    Following are the connected pins on RaspberryPi and ADAS1000:

    RaspberryPi ADAS1000
    MOSI 19 36 SDI
    MISO 21 35 SDO
  • After ADAS1000 Lead-off detection 、maintained 3 poles  measurement ?

    I'm thinking measurement by 3 poles is maintained even when RF was Lead OFF.
    Is that right?

  • Gang Mode ADAS1000 and ADAS1000-2 - OPSTAT Register always busy

    Hello all,

    I'm in the process of writing a software driver for an ADAS1000 and ADAS1000-2 ECG front end and I'm getting problems in the gang mode. I tested read frames in the master (ADAS1000) and all worked well but when i tried connect both the Configuration…

  • How to use Single ADAS1000 in ADAS1000 EVM Board & ADAS1000 software?.

    How to use Single ADAS1000 in ADAS1000 EVM Board & ADAS1000 software?.

    In ADAS1000 main front panel.vi  the Eval mode option is there and it is configured as Dual. But i am unable to change that option.