• AD8232 vs ADAS1000-3

    I am confused now. These two are amazing but the problem is i cant select any. See What i want to do is have two terminals LA and RA and extract the ECG signals. ADAS1000-3 seems to be complex when it comes to interfacing however in the datasheet of AD…

  • ADAS1000-3 and analog switch

    Dear Sir,



    We want to measure three couples of differential signals only with an  ADAS1000-3 .We thought we could change analog switch three times in order to measure 3 couples of differential signals,but  we found we get wrong data frames. IT seems…

  • ADAS1000 GPIO0-3 used for?.

    In ADAS1000 GPIO0-3 is used for what all purposes other than mentioned Below?

    GPIO0-2 as secondary SPI

    GPIO3 as External signal generator Sync signal for Respiration circuit.

    ideally i am looking at sending signals from ADAS1000 to MCU. What all possible…

  • RE: ADAS1000 - using V1/V2 inputs as temperature measurement

    Can you confirm you are using an ADAS1000 5 channel ECG version (and not the -3/-4 version of the part)?

    >> just confirmed that I am using ADAS1000-4, not ADAS1000, thank for your reply !

  • RE: ADAS1000 Output Not Correct

    Ok. This confirms an issue with the communication. Some things to check

    1. That the ADAS1000 is powered on and supply voltages are correct

    2. The SPI lines are connected correctly - are you using a the evaluation board with fly wires connecting an MCU…

  • Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with ADAS1000


    I'm working on a pilot to read ECG data through electrode that uses ADAS1000 interfacing with Raspberry Pi 3 B+.

    Following are the connected pins on RaspberryPi and ADAS1000:

    RaspberryPi ADAS1000
    MOSI 19 36 SDI
    MISO 21 35 SDO
  • ADAS1000 ECG + Respiration + LeadsOff Simultaneous


    This is a 3 part question.

         1> Can the ADAS1000 do simultaneous measurements of ECG and Respiration?

         2> If yes, how can enable that on the ADAS1000 software kit?

         3> Also, if yes, can it do ECG + Respiration + LeadsOff all simultaneous…

  • RE: ADAS1000 which SPI mode?

    The ADAS1000 supports both equally. In terms of ADAS1000 there is no advantage in using one over the other. The master device needs to select which.

  • RE: 3 lead ECG

    Hi Win:

    Interfacing any of the members of the ADAS1000 family from a processor, dsp or fpga is quite straight forward since just a standard SPI interface is required. I invite you to download the ADAS1000 evaluation board use guide, available here:

  • ADAS1000晶振不起震