• ECG 12D ADAS : could i use 2 ADAS1000 (1 master 1 slave) instead of an ADAS1000-2

    Hi everyone,

    Because of the current component shortage, we are wondering if we can replace our ADAS1000-2 by a second ADAS1000 in order to get ECG 12D ? We tried to replace it by an ADAS1000 on an existing board but i can't get a frame from the slave…

  • Gang Mode ADAS1000 and ADAS1000-2 - OPSTAT Register always busy

    Hello all,

    I'm in the process of writing a software driver for an ADAS1000 and ADAS1000-2 ECG front end and I'm getting problems in the gang mode. I tested read frames in the master (ADAS1000) and all worked well but when i tried connect both the Configuration…

  • RE: ADAS1000-4 and ADAS1000-2 configuration for 12 leads

    Dear Catherine, 

    Can we test this configuration on the ADAS1000 EVM. If yes, Please let me know the settings to be done.


  • Wireless ECG sensor using ADAS1000 and ADAS1000-2

    I want to design a wearable ECG sensor that can transmit the sensory data via BT/WiFi. I am thinking of using ADAS1000 and ADAS1000-2 for ECG measurements and a separate BT module that has SPI interface for wireless transmission. Does anyone have any…

  • RE: Connecting Clock signal to ADAS1000-4 instead of Crystal

    Hi Mark, 

    We want to use ADAS1000-4 and ADAS1000-2 in GANG Mode. In this case, Do I need to connect Clock in the following way....?


    1. Clock signal from Oscillator/Clock generator to XTAL1 PIN of ADAS1000-4.

    2. Clock_IO of ADAS1000-4 will act…

  • RE: ADAS1000 PACE


    Only 2kHz data can affect the pace detection because of the low pass filter associated on this data rate. This is explained better in the datasheet ADAS1000/ADAS1000-1/ADAS1000-2 (Rev. C) (analog.com) and Figure 75 shows how ECG and PACE detection blocks…

  • RE: ADAS1000 TESTTONE output


    We have an example sequence in the datasheet on how to enable and measure the test tone. Please note that this example will only send 9 words which is different from table 22. 

    Please see Example 4 in the datasheet ADAS1000/ADAS1000-1/ADAS1000-2 (Rev…

  • ADAS1000-4BCPZ And ADAS1000-2BCPZ


      Presently  im working on medical equipment for ECG data using ADAS1000-4BCPZ and ADAS1000-2BCPZ.For 6Lead and 12 Lead .Kindly help me out in providing Sample code for reading the ECG data,Lead On ,Lead Off status...

    Thanks in advance

  • About using the software SPI to connect the ADAS1000 and ADAS1000-2


    I think when you use the ADAS1000, you are using the hardware SPI. Now my project is using ADAS1000 and ADAS1000-2, and I need to use the analog spi interface. How do you use it? I hope to give me some Thank you, thank you

  • RE: ADAS1000 : DC-lead off detection not working for RA, LA and LL


    Can you try the suggestions mentioned in DC Lead-Off and High Gains section of the ADAS1000/ADAS1000-1/ADAS1000-2 (Rev. C) (analog.com) datasheet. RA, LA, and LL are also connected to common mode amplifier so that might also be causing this issue.