• RE: Register configuration for ADAS1000-4 and ADAS1000-2 12 Leads configuration

    Hi Jefferson,

    Ok, understood, the P wave should be positive.

    How do you bring the RA electrode to the ADAS1000-2? (are you bringing it from the master CM_OUT to the Slave CM_IN

    Can you repeat measurement with following small edit and see if things…

  • Wireless ECG sensor using ADAS1000 and ADAS1000-2

    I want to design a wearable ECG sensor that can transmit the sensory data via BT/WiFi. I am thinking of using ADAS1000 and ADAS1000-2 for ECG measurements and a separate BT module that has SPI interface for wireless transmission. Does anyone have any…

  • ADAS1000-4 and ADAS1000-2 configuration for 12 leads

    I am designing a 12 leads ECG by using ADAS1000-4 and ADAS1000-2. However I can not see the correct configuration of getting 12 leads (aVR, aVL, aVF, L1, L2, L3, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6).

    I know that is possible to get aVR, aVL, aVF, L1, L2 and L3 with…

  • RE: 3 lead ECG

    Hello Miguel,

    Because the ADAS1000-2 is designed to be operated as a "Slave" device, it's not ideal to use this standalone for ECG measurements - this is primarly as it doesn't have the RLD (right leg drive) amplifier.

    I would advise…

  • About using the software SPI to connect the ADAS1000 and ADAS1000-2


    I think when you use the ADAS1000, you are using the hardware SPI. Now my project is using ADAS1000 and ADAS1000-2, and I need to use the analog spi interface. How do you use it? I hope to give me some Thank you, thank you

  • ADAS1000 ESD Problem

      We use the ADAS1000 and ADAS1000-2 to make a 12-leads system. Today I test the system‘s  ESD .I test the 15KV air,but the system's ECG waveforms is disorder,How to solve the problem ? Thank you!

  • RE: If I use Raspberry pi or Arduino instead Renesas Demonstration Kit (RDK) for RX62N, will it work for 12 lead application?

    Hey Catherine,

    This was really helpful. But we are thinking about creating a breakout using 2 ADAS1000 for 12 lead ECG application and interfacing it with raspberry pi for further project i.e. sending the ecg signal on a portable device. So

    1) How many…

  • RE: ADAS1000 measurements without right leg drive problem

    Hi Martin,

    The right leg drive amplifier or reference amplifier is used as part of a feedback loop to force the patient’s common-mode voltage close to the internal 1.3 V reference level (VCM_REF) of the ADAS1000/ADAS1000-1/ADAS1000-2. This centers all…

  • RE: ADAS1000 CLK_IO to signal generator?

    I answer my own questions with

    1: yes IOVDD-GND

    2: yes

    My ADAS1000 currently gets its clock via CLK_EXT and my signal generator.

  • ADAS 1000 pacemaker pulse detection


    ADAS1000 is used in our product, and it can detect pacemaker pulse via Lead I, II, III and aVF. When we test it using the method in IEC 60601-2-27 Clause, connect lead wire V to position P1 and all other lead wires to position P2…