• adar7251


    I have a question regarding the ADAR7251 full-scale range. It is configured to bypass LNA+PGA+EQ so I expected the input range to be the maximum available in the datasheet to 5.6Vpp. However, it seems about 1.5-2Vpp is maximum before the ADC start…



    ADAR7251 has an internal PLL that generates its internal 115.2 MHz clock from the external MCLK (<54 MHz).

    My question is, by enabling the PLL_BYPASS register can the chip operate at a lower frequency than 115.2 MHz? For instance, if I provide an…

  • ADAR7251 Problems


    In ADAR7251  datasheet, I find in register  from 0x280 to 0x291,there are all sigals that  relate to  PIN DRIVE STRENGTH AND SLEW RATE REGISTER. How can I deal these registers?

    I have seen  in some post before relative to these registers. Some of these…

  • ADAR7251 usage


         For a new project we intend to use the ADAR7251 and I'll be grateful for answers to the following:

    1) Reference schematic 

    2) We need to feed single ended signals to the chip. Please advise if single ended signals can be connected directly…

  • ADAR7251

    I have several boards using the ADAR7251. If I connect a low level input signal < 40 dB FS to channel 1 and channel 2. I get 0  output data on 1 channel, sometime channel1, sometimes channel 2. Taking the input above - 40dB FS and then back down again…

  • adar7251 initialization code


    There was a previous question regarding initialization code for the ADAR7251, but no code was publicly posted. Is sample initialization code available for this part? Parallel or serial output with channels 1 and 2 at 1.2MSPS would be fine, but anything…

  • ADAR7251 Initialization



    I have just started working with the ADAR7251.  I've been having trouble properly programming it over SPI.


    The first configuration I want to program is as simple possible for ADC Channels 1 and 2 at 1.2 MSps, with no LNA, PGA, EQ, or HPF…

  • ADAR7251 multiple devices


    I want to simultaneously sample with multiple (more than 2) ADAR7251 devices.at 1.8 Msps in a FMCW application. Most likely a 57.6 MHz serial data stream will be used to cut down on the routing to an FPGA.

    1. Figure 22 in the datasheet shows the digital…
  • Eval-Adar7251

    Hello,I purchased both demorad solution and 

    • EVAL-ADAR7251

    Can you provide the  software Analog Devices Radar Eval-platform 3.1.0?

    I didn't find it with the adar7251 neither with the demorad kit. We are into business of…

  • ADAR7251 sampling

    I need some help understanding the process to sample data using the adar7251. Our hardware uses the adf5901/adf5904/adf4159.

    I have set the adar7251 for parallel byte-wide sampling. I set the ~CONV_START low to kick of the sampling. After some time,…