• ADAR7251

    I have several boards using the ADAR7251. If I connect a low level input signal < 40 dB FS to channel 1 and channel 2. I get 0  output data on 1 channel, sometime channel1, sometimes channel 2. Taking the input above - 40dB FS and then back down again…

  • adar7251


    I have a question regarding the ADAR7251 full-scale range. It is configured to bypass LNA+PGA+EQ so I expected the input range to be the maximum available in the datasheet to 5.6Vpp. However, it seems about 1.5-2Vpp is maximum before the ADC start…

  • RE: adar7251 register operate sequence


    Like I mention in a post before, there are some problems reading/writing to register in the ADAR7251 with SPI.

    Is there any sequence that must be followed, if so can you please show the sequence?

    Register 0x0000 to 0x0003 and 0xfd00 I can write…

  • RE: ADAR7251使用疑问



  • sc589 spi需要如何配置与才能与adar7251 进行通信


  • RE: How to connect to EV-RADAR-MMIC2 through SDP-B in labVIEW?

    I thought to install sdpapi1.dll from ADI RADAR eval platform in Labview. As you know there sdpapi1.dll has different sizes.

    Still I can not to write anything in register in ADAR7251.

    Maybe, I need to initialize ADAR7251 by lock PLL and after that…

  • connecting to ADAR7251 through SDP-B

    Good day,

    I am working with ADAR7251 connection and setup on EVAL-ADAR7251 board.

    The board connected to PC through SDP-B.

    I try to disable CRC by sending 7 bytes 0x00  0xFD,0x00, 0x00,0x01, 0x33,0x07 as it described in DSP can not communicate with…

  • ADAR7251 Problems


    In ADAR7251  datasheet, I find in register  from 0x280 to 0x291,there are all sigals that  relate to  PIN DRIVE STRENGTH AND SLEW RATE REGISTER. How can I deal these registers?

    I have seen  in some post before relative to these registers. Some of these…

  • RE: ADAR7251 Initialization

    Could anyone provide the ADAR7251 initialization code ? Thanks !!!