• ADAR2001-EVAL TEST Guide

    Could anyone clarify and give me any advice?

    Part : ADAR2001-EVAL
    Input Freq. : 8GHz
    Output Freq. : 32GHz
    Loss compensation of the instrument and cable has been set.

    We tested ADAR2001-EVAL.
    RFOUT1+ was connected to SA (Spetrum Analyzer) with Single Ended…

  • Group delay of ADAR2001 at 17-17.5 GHz


    I am considering to use the ADAR2001 in my current design. The design is sensitive to group delay vs frequency in the range 17 to 17.5 GHz.

    I haven't found any plot on the datasheet and I don't have the part myself so I cannot test it. Do you have…

  • RE: Group delay and output power of HMC573LC3B

    Hi Alex,

    Ok, I'll wait and see if you can find the data.

    Regarding the group delay, do you have any idea on the order of variation in that band? Recently, one of your colleagues, measured the group delay for another multiplier (see  Group delay of ADAR2001…

  • Looking for S-Parameters

    Where can I find s-parameters for the following devices?