• Q. ADAR1000-EVALZ vs ADAR1000-EVAL1Z

    I searched the ADAR1000 EVB on the ADI homepage and the PN of the ADAR1000 EVB is ADAR1000-EVALZ.
    However, ADAR1000-EVAL1Z also appears in the ADAR1000 video posted on the homepage.
    I would like to know if there is a separate ADAR1000-EVAL1Z or is…

  • RE: ADAR1000-EVAL Measurement result

    The lower gain could be explained by part-to-part variation and/or board-to-board variation. 

    It is OK to use the part with higher bias settings, but know that the RF metrics will change as well, which we didn't characterize.  We only tested at nominal…

  • RE: ADAR1000 GUI ADDR0/ADDR1 control

    The easiest way to control different addressed Chips is to use the Manual Register Write and Readback tabs. 

    For example, if you were to write to the scratchpad register with some dummy data of 0xFD (all values in hexadecimal):

    Chip 00: 000AFD

    Chip 01…

  • ADAR1000-EVALZ GUI message - written to part


    when i try to operate via the GUI i get this message - written to part/
    and nothing happens 
    when i load register manually i get message  - written to device  and it's work ok

  • RE: ADAR1000 Switched Attenuator

    There actually looks like there is a slight reduction in gain spread over temperature when the attenuator is enabled.  For each group of curves, the top curve is -40 degrees C, the middle is 25 degrees C, and the bottom is +85 degrees C.

  • ADAR1000

    Hello, I am struggling with the SDP platform for ADAR1000 . We controls the ADAR by using SPI interface from FPGA to ADARs but unfortunately, when we write the data to the ADAR1000's registers by using P3 PMOD connector we could not read the same datas…

  • Adar1000


    I have some questions about ADAR1000  again. I did not understand Register 0x032 which is ADC_CTRL.Also I did not understand MUX_SEL bit and its mission especially for ADC input signals. It should select five signals about power detectors and tempreature…

  • ADAR1000


    I have some question about ADAR1000 setting which is PA_ON. I could not understand the how we use the PA_ON. Also we are not control this one by using SPI interface. How PA_ON is done logic low or high.Can you illuminate this issu for me?