• ADAR1000 read RAM


    Is there any option to read values stored in the ADAR1000 RAM? For example, I would like to check if the beam positions or the bias settings are set properly. Attached to the question, there is a table with the register addresses and values (first…

  • Enquiries on ADAR1000 test data

    I would like to ask for the following information regarding the ADAR1000:

    - Radiation test data (SEL and SEU ratings)

    Best regards, MJ

  • ADAR1000 bias current setting


    In Table 6 and Table 20 , the bias current Settings of VGA and Vector Modulator for ADAR1000 are different. Which is correct?


  • ADAR1000 PA_Bias toggle with the TR control

    Hi,  I have been able to use the SPI bus controls to correctly set the  LNA and PA biases.  I would like to switch to use the TR signal to pick the set the LNA and PA biases. The LNA bias will toggle and the TR_SW_POS both toggle correctly with the TR signal…

  • ADAR1000 Daisy Chain Issue


    I have 2x ADAR1000s and would like to daisy chain them together.

    The ADAR1000 is controlled using and Arduino. The Arduino is programmed using MATLAB. The arduino is connected to boards 1's P1 pins. 

    Board 1's P2 connector is connected to Board…


    Could anyone clarify and give me any advice?

    Part : ADAR1000-EVALZ

    What is the exact meaning of EXT_PA1_BIAS?
    Is the mark on the ADAR1000 Blockdiagram correct for the internal PA BIAS?

    I want to test EXT_PA1_BIAS.
    can you tell me how?

    can you advise me

  • ADAR1000 Enquiry

    Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

    Our End User, with whom we cooperate for years and we have really good cooperation, invited us to give them Official Offer for:


    Could you please be so kind…

  • ADAR1000 SPI Control


    I would like to clarify the SPI control for the ADAR1000.

    I will connect 4 SPI lines via an Arduino or Raspberry Pi to the ADAR1000 using pins 16 -19 on P1. Is this correct?

    And to confirm this 4-wire SPI connection will allow me to control the…

  • ADAR1000 Evaluation board PA BIAS and STANDBY Mode


    We brought ADAR1000 Evaluation board to evaluate performance of ADAR1000 for our project. We were trying to generate PA BIAS from internal DAC by interfacing with the provided software but were unable to see any voltages.

    We followed all the steps provided…

  • Price of ADAR1000 CHIP


    I want to know the estimated price of the ADAR1000 chip

    I am working on phased array radar on SystemVue software using ADTR11O7 + ADAR1000.

    Looking forward to your response.

    Thank you!