• ADAQ7988 failing to communicate with SPI master

    Hi All,

    Testing out a fairy straight forward setup here. But its failing to communicate with master.

    according to datasheet

    With SDI high, a rising edge on CNV initiates a conversion, selects CS mode, and forces SDO to high impedance.

    But when i check…

  • ADAQ7988


    所以购买了它的官方评估版: https://www.analog.com/CN0393       

    根据手册,我们单独给芯片供电,以让它能够单独运行。以下   是我查到的资料,以及实施的办法、遇到的问题:


          芯片使用单电源供电模式,加在V+引脚上,V- 接GND


                           图1   对ADAQ7988芯片供电


                                图2  对VBIAS_A 引脚处理


          1、 当给VBIAS_A引脚注入电压…

  • LT6017 and ADAQ7988

    I am testing a circuit that seems to be exhibiting strange behavior vs simulation.

    I expect a DC gain of ~1.4x, which the simulation shows.

    This is the circuit in question.  The final amplifier is a placeholder for the ADAQ7988's internal ADC driver.…

  • ADAQ7988让人不那么满意(吐槽一下)


    原来选用的adi公司的ad7988,看见新出的ADAQ7988,把很多外围驱动运放和电路做到了内部,兴冲冲的去下载了手册    研究完了心里凉了一半,输入范围比原来限制的狠了  VADD-1.3   ,为了避免这个问题推荐了7.5V和-2.5V的供电,  节省的板子空间让几个电源芯片又给占了回来  ,成本反而上升了很多。另外为啥要LGA封装啊,这样很考验我的焊接功夫啊,  想说爱你真的是不容易啊。我建议应该把电源也内置了,外部做成单5v供电的   io接口采用开漏结构…



    Hopefully the sketch below clears this up. Basically the scenario described is if you have some sensor, etc. that has a large common-mode output voltage. In the figure provided, this is represented by VCM.

    For many ADCs, connecting such a sensor…

  • RE: Are there any microphonic effects from the internal ceramic capacitors in these umodule ADCs?

    On behalf of Ryan Curran.
    Our uModule products undergo full package qualification and reliability testing just like our standard monolithic products. During this process we did not observe any undesired performance due to vibration of the component. In…

  • RE: ADC Part selection

    Hi Divya,

       You can check the ADAQ7980 and ADAQ7988 or the AD7655(AD765x family) which are 6 channels 16 bits 250ksps ADCs. You can refer to the link for the short list of parametric search.

       There is another option to use a single supply ADC, you just…

  • RE: Need of ADC's for biomedical Signal processing


    For the best fidelity in measurement, I would recommend a precision ADC, and these are available in speeds of greater than 1Msps, which is certainly fast enough for most biometric signals. For Analog Devices, High Speed ADC's are for much higher…

  • A DAQ of All Trades: Flexibility Meets Integration in ADAQ7980

    In the unrelenting march towards high channel density, many system designers are searching for data acquisition solutions that use less board area, while still meeting strict performance criteria. ADI is meeting these challenges head-on with its first…