• RE: ADAQ7980 usage as current sense

    Hi Naresh,

    ADAQ7980 can be use in a wide variety of application. e.g current to voltage application.

    ADAQ7980  provides the flexibility of a configurable ADC driver feedback loop to allow gain and/or common-mode adjustments.

    Here's some reference circuit…

  • ADAQ7980

    We have experienced a string of failures with this component after replacing some of the surrounding discrete components leading to the amplifier.  All typical ESD precautions aside, is anyone aware of particular sensitivities when performing hand (not…

  • ADAQ7980

    The datasheet suggests a power sequence for the single-supply implementation.  Are there any timing requirements between each event?

  • ADAQ7980 SDO Output

    Our current design is using the ADAQ7980.  We are reading the correct data over the SPI bus.  However, when looking at the signals using an oscilloscope we noticed a strange RC type response on the SDO line during the assertion of the CNV signal.  Can anyone…

  • About ADAQ7980


    I would like to use ADAQ7980.

    I have two questions.

    #1   What is the power supply for Reference Buffer?

    #2   It is written that Gain is stable with unity gain  on page 28 of datasheet.

        And, Open-Loop Gain is written as 111 dB.

        How much can a…

  • About ADAQ7980 power consumption


    I would like to use ADAQ7980.

    So, I have three question.

    #1  What is the total current consumption when Sampling rate is reduced to its limit?

       (ADC Driver, Reference Buffer, LDO enable)

    #2  What is the total current consumption when Sampling…

  • ADAQ7980/88中单电源5V供电时,模拟输入电压的问题




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    In the unrelenting march towards high channel density, many system designers are searching for data acquisition solutions that use less board area, while still meeting strict performance criteria. ADI is meeting these challenges head-on with its first…

  • A DAQ of All Trades: Active Filtering for Noisy Inputs (ADAQ7980)

    Welcome back to the ADAQ798x ADC driver configuration blog series! Today, we’ll conclude this series with an overview of the Sallen-Key active low-pass filter topology for the ADAQ798x. This configuration is one of the simpler active filtering implementations…

  • 据客户需求而生,应对SAR ADC电路设计独特挑战—单通道ADC ADAQ7980

    版主力推ADI又一给力方案——单通道ADC ADAQ7980创新型数据采集子系统解决方案!

    应客户的需求,ADI围绕SAR ADC的电路设计构成的一些独特挑战开发出ADAQ7980这一创新型数据采集子系统解决方案,帮助客户应对这些挑战!