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    You may try a Single-Ended Configuration by putting +7V to VIN+ and GND to VIN-, here’s a link to our User Guide for your reference: EVAL-ADAQ40xx Evaluation Board | Analog Devices

    We also recommend using G = 0.454, since this is the…

  • ADAQ4003 FDA Filter


    Is it possible to form a 2/3 pole multiple feedback filter using the FDA? Similar to one of the application notes for the LTC6363. 

    I can't seem to find any info on the FDA's GBW. 

  • RE: EVAL-ADAQ4003

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  • Simulating the ADAQ4003 µModule Data Acquisition Solution in LTspice

    ADAQ4003 is an 18-Bit, 2 MSPS, Precision Medium Bandwidth µModule Data Acquisition Signal Chain Solution that reduces development cycle of a precision measurement system by transferring the signal chain design challenge of component selection, optimization…

  • EVAL-ADAQ4003


  • ADAQ4003 oversampling


    I am FAE in Japanese distributor.

    Dynamic Range of OSR 256 in ADAQ4003 Datasheet is 122dB.

    It is better than OSR=1

    OSR of EVAL_ADAQ4003FMCZ can be changed by ACE software.

    But OSR of ADAQ4003 can be not changed by register access.

    Are OSR of EVAL_ADAQ4003FMCZ…

  • RE: ADAQ4003 Eval Board Configuration


    Sorry, this query was missed as it was posted in another community. I have moved this to 'Precision ADCs' community. 

    I have attached the updated ADAQ4003 Eval Board User Guide. The latest version will be available on the web in the next…

  • RE: Amplifier similar to LTC6373

    Hi Katy1163_AC,

    I'm curious to why do you want a buffer amplifier to ADAQ4003. ADAQ4003 has an internal buffer already. Do you have a reference design for this? or could you share your application for this design?

    For reference, it…
  • EVAL-ADAQ003


    I am evaluating EVAL-ADAQ4003FMCZ with EVAL-SDP-CH1Z.

    ACE  ADAQ4003 Eval Board window shows Transaction Errors and ‘State=Unavailable, ADAQ4003 Eval Board  - Check state , Failed at XXXX’.

    Setting window shows Scripting error.

    Device manager…

  • RE: EVAL-ADAQ400X HDL low sampling rate

    Hello ,

    In checking the Linux driver code (spi-axi-spi-engine.c and the ad400x.c), I printed the resulting  commands that're being compiled and written to the OFFLOAD_CDM_FIFO register you mentioned in ADAQ4003.  This is the default code and I…