• AD9253 & ADA8282

    Hi, I'm new to ADC 9253. Do I need protection of the ADC input in the circuit and if so, how to do it?

  • How to set Gain in each stage while Cascading two ADA8282?


    we are planning to use two ADA8282 in serial to achieve a gain of 54 dB in our acquisition hardware.we have some queries regarding the chipset.

    1. we would like to know how to determine/choose gain of individual ADA8282 while cascading.  we thought…

  • ADA8282 SPICE model failure

    I've simulated this:

    In LTspice but it behave weird I can't understand my fault, I think maybe the model have problem?
    I've downloaded the model from ADA8282 ADI page.

    Also I've followed it's evaluation board approach UG-846:


  • Can ADA8282 phase matching feature helping beamforming?

    In ADA8282 I have found something about phase matching but it not clearly defined what it is.

    Now I wanna now, can I add 4ch of it's output with single differential summer OpAmp? since it match signals, then there will be no destructive summing caused…

  • Differential input and output of Radar receiver path ADA8282

    ADA8282 LNA+PGA have 4ch input and output, in it's evaluation board they used some capacitor and resistor that just make question, the bandwidth of this amplifier is 10MHz min and 42MHz typ.

    Can you analyze these and exactly say why are these here…

  • 寻找一款类似于ADA8282的放大器,但要求增益固定34dB,带宽5M


  • Regarding AD7134

    I am working on an acquisition system with ad7134 and ada8282 ,  using eval boards for the same.

    This system has been connected to a function generator feeding -15 dbm single tone input to the eval ada8282, the ada8282 has been programmed for 18 dbm gain…

  • RE: synchronization across multiple AD7134 devices


    There are two ADA8282 amplifiers connected in series to each of the ADC. The 14 ns channel to channel mismatch within adc is probably due to ada8282. since ada8282 channel to channel phase mismatch is 0.33 degree. since our input frequency is 50 khz…

  • ad7134

    we are planning to use AD7134 for acquisition in our project. we are having following queries about the chip

    1. can ad7134 be integrated with ADA8282 in ac coupling mode? This doubt we got because ADA8282 doesn't have any common mode voltage at its output…