• RE: ADA4961 EEPROM File

    I believe this has been taken care of in another email thread.


  • ADA4961 output inductors


    I have two questions about the output inductors for the ADA4961.

    1) According to the ADA4961 datasheet, the recommended output inductors are Coilcraft 0805CS-471XJLC. The reason given in the datasheet is: "The self resonant frequency of these…

  • ADA4961 Power Up

    What is logic level needed on PWUP pin 19 to enable the ADA4961? I am operating at 3.3V, low performance (PM= Low).

    The logic levels for the SPI bus and ATTEN controls are defined VHIGH= 1.4V min. Does this include the PWUP pin as well?

  • ADA4961 Biasing

    On p. 21 of the datasheet, the Coilcraft 0805CS-471 470nH inductor was recommended as the output chokes for the ADA4961. We found that using these chokes caused a 1-dB drop in gain around 1GHz due to their internal parasitics. I suggest either the Coilcraft…

  • ADA4961 input RLC model


    I am looking to do a simulation of the ADA4961 input driver circuitry using a SPICE simulation tool.

    I am only able to find the S parameters for the ADA4961 on the ADI website.

    I unfortunately do not have access to any software packages that…

  • ADA4961 SPI interface

    Hi EZ,

    Could you detail the sequence with its associated timings which has to be delivered to the ADA4961 on its SPI interface in order to:

    - Write a gain value (MSB first ?).

    - Readback the register value.

    Thanks for your support.



  • ADA4961 Supply Voltage

    Is it ok to operate the ADA4961 with a supply between the 3.3 volts and 5 volts quoted in the data sheet ( say 4.5 volts)?

    My assumption is that the performance will then be somewhere between the specs quoted for 3.3 volts and 5 volt operation - is this…

  • RE: ADA4961 evaluation board not working


    I am also trying to set the EEPROM file, however it is not included in these links you provided. Is this file still necessary?

  • An  issue about  ADA4961

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    For ADA4961, the datasheet shows the curve above 10MHz, and I  wonder the spec between 10MHz and 1MHz, whether or not the performance will decline between 10MHz and 1MHz.

    My requirement is that  one amplifier covers 1MHz to 600MHz, with…

  • ADA4961 with BPF driving AD9255

    I'm looking to use an ADA4961 to drive an AD9255.

    CN-0279 provides a design procedure for using a BPF which seems to target amplifiers with a higher output impedance (the note suggests 200 to 400 ohms) so I want to sanity check the approach when using…