• ADA4960-1 : Is there PSRR data available?

    Is there PSRR data for ADA4960-1, none is provided in the datasheet


    We do not normally specify PSRR for high speed amplifiers. There is no AC data
    available but we do have DC data from the tester. According to the test…
  • ADA4960-1 Diff In to SE Out

    Would like to use AD9959 DDS in Super Nyquist application for frequencies from 1.4-1.5GHz. No suitable transformers exist in this band with CT, so considering using ADA4960-1 as interface to the DAC outputs. Curious if this would be a good device to use…

  • ADA4960-1 output problem

    Hi engineers:

    The J11 input is pulse signal .VPP is 600mV(differential),rise time :2ns, fall time:1.6ns.Then I test the R16 and R17 differential signal.

    How can the waveform as shown in the diagram be eliminated? Thank you!

  • RE: ADA4960-1 work for differential input to single-ended output?

    Hi Erin,

    Sorry for the late reply. For your first question, Yes you may use ada4960-1 as single-ended-output, but keep in mind that if you'll use ada4960-1 as single-ended-output you will sacrifice the gain. The resulting gain will be the half of the…

  • How to implement flexible gain settings using the ADA4960-1

    The ADA4960 datasheet mentions:

    "The buffered inputs of the ADA4960-1 isolate the gain-setting

    resistor (RG) from the signal inputs, maintaining a constant 10 kΩ

    input resistance, easing matching and input drive requirements."

    Does this…

  • ADA4960 low frequency (100kHz<f<10MHz)

    I'm considering the ADA4960-1 for an ADC driver application that requires requires a fairly low frequency AC coupling (30kHz) and a maximum signal frequency of 200MHz.  The datasheet of the ADA4960-1 does not have any data for frequencies less than…

  • RE: ADA4960 : equivalent circuit

    Hi Mr. K,

    Thank you for using ADI product in your design. Can I see the design that you created using the ADA4960?

    If you want to understand the behavior of the ADA4960, I'll suggest you can also use the ADA4960 SPICE model and simulate your design…

  • ADA4960 Gain Setting Resistor not working


    I have a board with an ADA4960 amplifier that is used to amplify a signal between 1 -2 GHz before going into a high-speed ADC.  I am having a problem with the amplifier not providing the correct amount of gain given the value of the gain setting…

  • RE: ADA4960 DC single input to DC differential output


    Apologies for the very late reply.

    1. Yes, ADA4960 can be used as DC single input to differential output as long as the input source you will use is within the 2.25V-2.75V Input common mode range.

    2. No. ADA4960 was designed for a single supply…

  • Problems for ADA4960 Single-Ended DC-Coupled input style

    I am using the ADA4960 as the ADC driver.

         1 The resistor connects to the VIN pin is 25r according to figure 40 which is different from the 50r in figure 32. So, which one is correct?

         2 The DC value of the input signal have to be within the common…