• AD9523-1 Power-up error


    We use the AD9523-1 clock generator in our design. But sometimes I get an error. We are using the MSP430 to configure the AD9523-1. After the system is turned on, this error occurs, we read all registers as FF.  When this error comes the REFA clock…



    based on application circuit on fisrt page of ADA4099-1, i'm wondering if its possible to add another BSS123 to the current mirror to get a multi output (with different V/A sensitivity) by using the same OPAMP. Thanks

    I saw a similar application…

  • ADSP SC584 SHARC+: Enabling Link Port advances it's DMA's current address by 1 word and decreases current X count by 1

    In our application we are using link ports to transfer data between an FPGA and the DSP at periodic intervals. We setup link port 1 (LP1) in DMA receive mode as prescribed in the HRM (pages 15-15, 15-16). After the data is received, LP1 and it's DMA are…

  • RE: About LT6109-1

    If I have 28V voltage, 1.5A current and 0.05A under current, how can I configure it?

  • RE: LTC6812-1 and LTC6813-1

    1. there is no limit
    2. yes
    3. will depend on the max voltage of either IC. if its 6812 the typical V+ voltage is 50V, so it is ideal to use cells until 50V. Likewise for 6813
    4. as mentioned in datasheet it can measure from 0 to 5V
    5. it will depend on your balancing…
  • Transformer for LTC3300-1


    We are using the 750312504 for a project with LTC3300-1.

    On your calculations for your EVB you are calculating the RTONS/RTONP assuming that the primary inductance is 12uH but the transformer's datasheet says 3.6uH.

    Is this a typo or something…

  • PIN Control timing - AD7768-1


    I am working on a project which has daisy chain of 4 AD7768-1 devices (PIN control, FIR, fast, decimate 64). Is the below the correct timing after powerup?

    1) RESET, SYNC_IN, WAIT FOR SETTLED CONVERSION (about 8500 MCLK, Table 17 datasheet)


  • LTC9101-1 DC3160A Evaluation Software


    DC3160A的Evaluation Software要如何取得呢?

    DC3160A連接DC590透過QuikEval可以認到LTC9101,點open後,出現Cannot Load COM Module for device,

    無法開啟Evaluation Software,謝謝

  • RE: 1:4 Fanout Buffer

    Hi sir.. we are also trying to develop such board with 4 ad9361.. can u pls suggest 1:4 fanout buffer to be used after ADF5355...