• RE: AD7982 input RC filter design and R_switch and C_sh value inside ADC

    Thanks for your question. This can be a pretty involved topic but there are some methods we can use to figure out the right RC for your needs.

    First off, the Ro of the amplifier would need to be gathered from that amplifier's data sheet.

    Second, can…

  • RE: How can I input bipolar signal to EVAL-AD7768-4?


    The simplest way to do this would be to use a differential amplifier like ADA4945 or ADA4940. These fully differential amplifiers have a pin which can be used to adjust the common mode voltage.

    Or you could also set AVSS to -2.5V and reference all…

  • RE: 关于AD7621 AD7622 AD7641

    1. 使用外部参考源时,REF引脚电平为1.8v to AVDD+0.1v, 1.25v不在器件指标内,影响ADC精度。码值低位不翻转。 可以改为REFBUFIN=1.25v并使PDBUF = low。

     2. AD7621/22/41这些全差分输入的ADC, 要求合适的高速运放来驱动,比如手册中的AD8021, 或新的ADA4896, 差分驱动AD8475 ADA4945等,才能达到比较好的精度。否则,也可能码值低位不翻转。

  • RE: How to measure a single-ended +/-10V signal with the AD7768-1?

    Hi Niels,

    If +6V and -1V supplies are a concern could you use a gain of 0.4 using discrete resistors and the LTC6363? The bandwidth of the AD8475 will likely be too low to settle the effects of the switching from the modulator of the AD7768-1. 

    I would…

  • RE: .file_attr 1="1";

    Hi, Thanks for replying. I had tried the "-no-auto-attrs" with no improvement. The same error reappears elsewhere if I delete the source file causing the problem. It also occurs in the standard "BF609_init" project, so I have attached those files. The…

  • ADA4941-1

    Hi All,
    I am looking for OPAMP which can convert single ended signal to differential signal to drive the ADC which has differential input. I have selected ADA4941-1 and tested for -2 and +2 gain configurations which are mentioned in Figure 58 and Figure…
  • Composite amplifier using ADA4637-1 and ADA4870-1

    I want to build a composite amplifier using the Figure 77 of the datasheet ADA4870-1. It says that the voltage offset is less than 500 uV. I simulate this circuit using LTSpice, when driving ada4637-1 with 0V and monitor the output of ADA4870-1, it is…

  • Differential video transmission with ADA4433-1 and ADA4830-1


    Thanks for providing the spice model of both ADA4433-1 and the ADA4830(-1).

    I'm trying to design a DC coupled differential transmission system using the ADA4433-1 and the ADA4830.

    The overall gain from input (ADA4433-1) to output (ADA4830…

  • ADA4310-1, 4311-1 with sloped PD0, PD1

    When using 4310-1 or 4311-1, with PD0 and PD1 pins taking values between 0V and whatever is considered logic high, does the amplifier behave reasonably? By that does it behave without going unstable or draining excessive current or requiring excessive…

  • RE: ADATE305 VDDO_0/1, VSSO_0/1 termination

    Hi katsu,

       The supply pins you mentioned above are still connected internally to the supplies of the ADATE305. They should still be shorted to VDD and VSS respectively. The reason for their special mention on the datasheet was so the user can pay special…