• ADA4945-1 MODE polarity

    Hello AD,

    Please clarify the MODE polarity of the ADA4945-1 in the datasheet.

  • ADA4945-1 Spice Model


    I am looking for the Spice model of the ADC driver (ADA4945-1).



  • ADA4945-1 Spice Model


    I am looking for the Spice model of the ADC driver (ADA4945-1).



  • RE: Negative and positive voltages with LTC1403

    If you can use the LTC1403-1, an easy solution is to use a fully differential amplifier like the ADA4945 between your filter circuit and the ADC input. Use the same +/-3V supplies for the ADA4945. Use figure 104 of the ADA4945 data sheet and connect VOCM…

  • RE: ADA4945 SPICE Model freq response not similar to the one in datasheet

    Hi Tabo96,

    Couple of things:

    1. You cannot run the ADA4945 off 20V supplies (+/-10V) as you have it configured. Change your supplies to +/-5V instead.

    2. You have left the "Mode" tied to ground. You should either tie it V+ or V- depending on the operating…

  • RE: AFE for AD7768-4


    The recommended drivers for AD7768 are ADA4945-1, ADA4896-2, ADA4940-1 for Fast Power Mode; ADA4945-1, LTC6363, ADA4805-2 for Low Power Mode; and ADA4945-1, ADA4807-2, ADA4940-1 for Median Power Mode. The AD7768 can operate up to 5V analog supply so…

  • RE: Clamp Feature ADA4945

    Hi Thomas,

    +VClamp and -Vclamp can be driven by either a voltage divider network or by an external power supply. However, when you chose to drive via voltage divider network always consider it's internal resistance for accurate voltage clamping. In the…

  • RE: ADC Driver Low noise for AD7380

    Hi Jocs,

    Here is a list of ADI fully differential amplifiers sorted for low distortion (< -100dB), and low noise (<3nV) as a first pass at zeroing in on suitable drivers for the AD7380 (16 bit, SAR, diff input ADC):


  • RE: Single-ended to differential amplifier at ppm level - Questions on DN1032

    In DN1032, the inverting amplifier U3, acts merely to keep the common mode voltage within the required Vref/2 +/-100mV. As long as it does this, its absolute accuracy is not necessary. The circuit of DN1032 is designed primarily for DC applications. If…

  • ADA4945-1 clamp feature but with higher bandwith and improved 2nd and 3rd harmonic destortion

    Dear Forum members.

    Could you please comment on the following?

    I really like the output voltage clamp feature o the new ADA4945-1 ADC driver.

    Is there however another device with  higher bandwidth option planned for future release?

    Especial one with improved…