• ADA4941-1

    Hi All,
    I am looking for OPAMP which can convert single ended signal to differential signal to drive the ADC which has differential input. I have selected ADA4941-1 and tested for -2 and +2 gain configurations which are mentioned in Figure 58 and Figure…
  • ADA4941-1: DIS Pin and noise calculation

    In 17th page of ADA4941-1's datasheet, it gives how to calculate the noise,
    like below figure shown. I am not sure why there is a factor "2" and "4", as
    below red circle indicate:


    The 2 comes from the difference…
  • ADA4941-1 .cir

    Original Question: ADA4941-1 .cir by sss

    Hi all,

    Our customer tryed to simulate the ADA4941-1 with ADIsimPE.
    They downloaded the ADA4941 SPICE Macro Model from web linked page .

    But the error occured with following error massage.

    "*** ERROR *** The circuit…

  • ADA4941-1 outputs in-phase... cause?


    while measuring  the specs of a measurement prtotype, where at the end a
    ADA4941 drives an AD7691, I noticed that the outpunts of the differential
    amplifier are in phase. I could not detect shorts and measuramnts were taken
    with and without…

  • ADA4941-1 introduces noise


    I am getting data from an AD7961 ADC with an ADA4941-1 in front as a single-ended-to-differential stage.

    I am getting a surprising noise of +/-2mV when I short the ADA input to ground. This noise goes down to +/-0.2mV if I skip the ADA4941-1…

  • What the difference between the ADA4940-1 and the ADA4941-1?

    What is the difference between the ADA4940-1 and the ADA4941-1? They are both ADC drivers, but what distinguishes the two parts from each other?

  • ADA4941-1 输出电压差分失调问题

    ADA4941 技术文档中提到,输出可能出现ֶ差分失调,并举了输出VOP=3.5V和VON=1.5V的例子。现在我的电路中也出现了这个问题,请问是怎么造成的,应该如何消除?

  • drive AD7903 with ADA4941-1 supply voltage range


    I want to drive the AD7903 with the ADC driver ADA4941-1 like the circuit SINGLE-TO-DIFFERENTIAL DRIVER in the datasheet

    http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/data_sheets/AD7903.pdf page 17.

    I take the values R1 = 4k, R2 = 1k, R3 = 8…

  • ADA4941-1 opened input signal


    I am considering Sallen-Key, Low-Pass Filter like figure 54 on the datasheet.

    There is a situation that the input is opened.

    Then the output would be unstable.

    Should I put termination resistor?

    If yes, which value can I use?

    There is a little…