• ADA4940-2


    I have a question about the ADA4940.

    When the power supply is not turned on
    How is the absolute maximum rating of VIN?



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  • ADA4940-2: DISABLE pin


    I have a question about the DISABLE pin of ADA4940-2.

    I use the ADA4940 in +5V power supply.

    I connect the DISABLE pin to +5V.

    The DISABLE pin is connected with the pull-up internally.

    Additionally, may I connect the DISABLE pin with +5V on…

  • ADA4940-2 noise issue

    Hi, I am having a very similar problem to the person in this thread...http://ez.analog.com/message/124234#124234

    I'm using the ADA4940-2 with unity gain (Rf = Rg = 499R) to buffer 2 differential voltages from an RF demodulator. I'm using a 16-bit ADC…

  • ADA4940-2 low pass filter


    I am designing ADA4940-2.

    I would like to add low pass filter for ADA4940-2

    Regarding to "DRIVING A CAPACITIVE LOAD" and figure 71, we can set the RC filter with series R and CL.

    I would like to set 400Hz as cut off frequency.


  • RE: AD9633-105 Single-input configuration.

    Hi Dougl, Thanks for you reply.

    I didn't read AD9633 datasheet carefully, however, someone told me that AD9633 is not like AD9218 which has its own VCM output. That means external reference source for voltage bias for ADC and VCM for amplifier is required…

  • RE: LTC1407 driver + OP AMP

    To get a gain of 100dB with 500kHz of bandwidth you will need a minimum of 2 op amps. I suggest you look at the ADA4940-2.

  • Bill of Materials Missing for Evaluation Board of ADA4940-2

    Hey guys,

    We ordered the chip ADA4940-2 and its bare evaluation board UG-018 (http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/user_guides/UG-018.pdf), but we have no clue where to find the bill of materials of that board. Could someone help tell where we…

  • ADA4940 protection when unpowered

    I'd like to use the ADA4940 as an ADC driver. The input to the ADA4940 is from another circuit that can be powered while the ADA4940 is unpowered.  The input to the ADA4940 will be from a single-ended source at +/- 2.5V maximum.  I'd like to know what…

  • RE: AD9257 ADC driver and VCM output buffer recommendations

    Hi AK1000,

    ADA4940 is very low power; obviously this is the up-side. Not surprisingly, there are some trade-offs. The main compromises compared to the ADA4930 are:

    • ADA4940's harmonic distortion at 6MHz will be higher.
    • The ADA4940 has Rail-to…
  • 0.1Hz to 10Hz voltage noise of ADA4940-x

    Are there any information available for ADA4940-1/ADA4940-2 about the voltage
    noise density vs. frequency in the range 0.1 to 10Hz? If not, are there
    informations available about the 0.1Hz to 10Hz voltage noise (peak-peak)?