• ADA4940-2 EPAD

    Hi ADA team,

    I'm using ADA4940-2 with ±VS = ±5V

    What is the best connection recommendation for EPAD in terms of thermal dissipation and guarantee safe work?

    Should I tied EPAD to GND or -Vs? In terms of heat absorption my PCB GND plane…

  • ADA4940-2: DISABLE pin


    I have a question about the DISABLE pin of ADA4940-2.

    I use the ADA4940 in +5V power supply.

    I connect the DISABLE pin to +5V.

    The DISABLE pin is connected with the pull-up internally.

    Additionally, may I connect the DISABLE pin with +5V on…

  • RE: ADA4940-2 noise issue

    Hi Tom,

    Do you have an RC low-pass filter between the ADA4940-2 and your ADC? It would be great if you could provide your circuit schematic.

    You can also try the free ADI DiffAmp Calculator or the NI Multisim Component Evaluator – Analog Devices Ed…

  • ADA4940-2 low pass filter


    I am designing ADA4940-2.

    I would like to add low pass filter for ADA4940-2

    Regarding to "DRIVING A CAPACITIVE LOAD" and figure 71, we can set the RC filter with series R and CL.

    I would like to set 400Hz as cut off frequency.


  • ADA4940-2


    I have a question about the ADA4940.

    When the power supply is not turned on
    How is the absolute maximum rating of VIN?



    Best Regards


  • Bill of Materials Missing for Evaluation Board of ADA4940-2

    Hey guys,

    We ordered the chip ADA4940-2 and its bare evaluation board UG-018 (http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/user_guides/UG-018.pdf), but we have no clue where to find the bill of materials of that board. Could someone help tell where we…

  • RE: ADA4940-1 single ended input

    So... I had the wrong feedback pins connected on the Macromodel. I conned FB- to IN- for instance. connecting FB- to IN+ and FB+ to IN- resolves my issue

  • RE: ADA4940, the result of OUTP-OUTN

    Seconding this answer. FDA has a unique transfer function from a normal op-amp.

    You can check it out on page 21 onwards of the ADA4940 datasheet.

  • ADA4940

    Hello! I want to use ADA4940-1 to drive AD7768-4. Can it work normally if it is not driven by an operational amplifier before ADA4940? What's the impact?

  • 0.1Hz to 10Hz voltage noise of ADA4940-x

    Are there any information available for ADA4940-1/ADA4940-2 about the voltage
    noise density vs. frequency in the range 0.1 to 10Hz? If not, are there
    informations available about the 0.1Hz to 10Hz voltage noise (peak-peak)?