• RE: ADA4940-1 and AD7982 connection

    Thank you for your confirmation. Yes, previously we connect signal to IN+ of ADA4940-1. Due to layout limitation, we have to change to IN- which brings up this question. Just want double check to avoid any surprise.  

  • RE: ADA4940-1  configuration

    Hi Dhanalakshmi S,

    Upon reviewing your schematic, I see no violations in your configuration. However, I noticed on your results that some things are off the expected value. Did you use tight tolerances for your gain setting resistors? Let's take for example…

  • RE: invalid behaviour AD8132

    If we would use ADA4940-1 the schema work correct.

    But ADA4940-1 don't have SOP package so we must use THS4521.

  • What the difference between the ADA4940-1 and the ADA4941-1?

    What is the difference between the ADA4940-1 and the ADA4941-1? They are both ADC drivers, but what distinguishes the two parts from each other?

  • ADA4940-1 Vocm MAX&MIN

    Please inform me about the following specification.

    Is this price the whole conditions(voltage&temp etc) for use?

    (Can I use ーVs=0V,Vocm=0.9V)

    How many would that it isn't all conditions be in case of all conditions?

  • RE: Any better lower noise than ADC AD7982?

    In our design, ADC driver is ADA4940-1 with single to differential convert.

  • RE: ADC驱动器


  • RE: AD7768 dual power supply with fully differential amplifier as driver


    Hi Nathan,

    Yes that is a valid set of supplies for the AD7768. For best performance ensure you have adequate decoupling to AVSS in your circuit. 

    One differential amplifier we have used with the AD7768 which works well is the ADA4940. See here for info…

  • Terminating a Single-Ended Input for ADA4940-1


    I want to convert single - ended input to differential ended for driving ADC. I have gone through datasheet of ADA4940-1 in which calculations are given to terminate single ended input. For known source impedance I am using LTC6252 as buffer. But…