• ADA4940-1 single ended input

    Good day,

    I'm struggling to understand this FDA.

    I plan to have a resistor divider which will output 4V at full scale. I'll then feed this output to an AD8421, which will give a gain of 2 and level shift the output down so as to center the signal…

  • ADA4940-1 datasheet REV B, error figure 61

    On page 20 of the REV B datasheet  there is a diagram 'Figure 61'. Inside are
    part numbers, ADA4840-1 and ADA4940-2. I assume ADA4840-1 is an error?


    This is a typo error and the second ADA4840-1 will be removed from Figure…
  • RE: ADA4940-1 Vocm Pin, Is it an input pin or an output pin?


    For ADA4940-1,Vocm is an Output Pin, output 2.5V?

  • 关于运算放大器ADA4940-1的一些使用问题





  • ADA4940-1 and AD7982 connection


    In ADC and driver simulation tool, there is only one option "INVERT" for ADA4940-1 connecting to AD7982. I don't want my ADC reading reverse. Can I cross connection, which means  ADA4940-1 Out+ connecting to AD7982 In-, while ADA4940-1…

  • 0.1Hz to 10Hz voltage noise of ADA4940-x

    Are there any information available for ADA4940-1/ADA4940-2 about the voltage
    noise density vs. frequency in the range 0.1 to 10Hz? If not, are there
    informations available about the 0.1Hz to 10Hz voltage noise (peak-peak)?


  • RE: ADA4940

    If you do not add an operational amplifier in front of the ADA4940-1, the circuit will still behave normally, but the ADA4940-1 circuit will present a lower impedance to whatever is driving it, compared to an opamp buffer which could generally be configured…

  • Terminating a Single-Ended Input for ADA4940-1


    I want to convert single - ended input to differential ended for driving ADC. I have gone through datasheet of ADA4940-1 in which calculations are given to terminate single ended input. For known source impedance I am using LTC6252 as buffer. But…

  • RE: 单电源差分运放的输入范围,如ADA4940