• RE: Request Schematic Review about AD9258-125 and ADA4937-1


    Schematic for the AD9258 looks good.  If they seeking better linearity performance, they may consider using another amplifier since ADA4937-1 linearity performance falls off between 120-180 MHz.   Perhaps the ADA4939 would provide better linearity…

  • ADA4939-1 Pad Connection

    The question is about the ADA4939-1:

    To which voltage level the exposed pad shall be connected?

    Fig.53 in the datasheet indicates, that the pad is connected via 5 vias to a burried GND-Layer.

    Nowhere else in the datasheet the recommended voltage level…

  • AD9484 input Vcomm query

      Hi ADI Enineers : 

       I  intend to use ADA4939-1 to drive AD9484 , DC coupled , ADA4939-1 output 1V Vp-p volatge , AD9484's CML output 1.7V voltage , so ADA4939's positive output will reach to 2.2V , It seems exceed the absolute maxim VIN+ . Could you help…

  • how to reconcile the capacitive sensor with a close differential amplifier?

    ADA4938 or ADA4939  in the band 0=500mHz  C=some Pf

  • Request Schematic review with ADA4939-1 and AD9258-125


    My customer want to use ADA4939-1 and AD9258-125 at ICS repeater.

    They will use 120MSPS Smapling rate and IF band is 90MHz (with 10MHz Bandwidth).

    Would you confirm attached schematic with ADA4939-1 and AD9258-125?

    And also can this circuit…

  • RE: AD8132, AD8138 ,AD4932 在3.3V供电时可以输入2v p-p信号吗


  • RE: 微信号放大,放大器如何选型啊?

    您好, 您可以考虑以下芯片:



  • RE: AD4817-2 use as a multiplexor

    Hi Bart,

    Can you send me a schematics of how you plan to connect the ADA4817 with a series resistor between each output so that it looks like a ADA4939?

    Can you send me an email at chilann.chan@analog.com?

    It will be much easier to discuss there…

  • 高速差分ADC驱动器设计指南