• RE: ADA4938-2 problem

    Dear Doug,

    Both FFTs are noise floor of ADC. First with op amp and second without it. I really confused about this. I've designed  many software radio cards including ADC, DAC, FPGA and ... and this circuit is first of them that failed in analog section…

  • exact value of the differential output impedance of the ADA4938-1 or ADA4938-2

    What is the exact value of the differential output impedance of the ADA4938-1
    or ADA4938-2. Is it 2ohm or 5ohm or 20ohm?There are S parameter plots S11 nad
    S22 in the datasheet but I don't know to which circuit they apply to or to
  • ADIsimPE How to use diffrential amp?

    Hi, all.

    I'd like to simulate diffrential amp(ADA4938-2) by using ADIsimPE.

    So I imported ADA4938-2's spice model and define the symbol,

    ADIsimPE doesn't show the correct symbol.

    How do I define the correct symbol?

  • RE: AD9613 input driver question

    By the way ... I've paid an attention to the caption of figure 47 ... " Figure 47. Differential Input Configuration Using the ADA4938-2 " While the OpAmp shown is ADA4930-2.

  • Difference between ADA4938-1ACPZ-R2 and ADA4938-1ACPZ-R7

    Is there any difference between the part numbers  ADA4938-1ACPZ-R7 and ADA4938-1ACPZ-R2 other than the sample ordering quantity?

  • RE: ADA4938 Output Termination for Driving SMA Cable

    Hi Stephen,

    The actual output impedance of the ADA4938 is not directly stated in its datasheet. However, also like an op amp, the ADA4938 has a low output impedance.

    For the proper termination of the output of the ADA4938 to drive a signal through…

  • ADC driver for AD9255

    I'm planning to use the AD9255 single 14 bit ADC with DC coupled input signals in the dc - 20 MHz range.

    Because of the DC coupled requirement I am looking at ADC driver amplifiers instead of a transformer.

    The AD9255 web page recommends the ADA4937…

  • RE: AD9268采集脉冲波形的疑问

    AD8138可以作为 ADC driver,但是其-3dB带宽只有320MHz,所以最好采用ADA4938-2

  • RE: ada4938仿真不收敛问题