• ADA4938-1 single-ended input to differential output power setting


    I want to get differential output from 2.4Vpp input and ask whether any components need to be modified or corrected. 

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  • exact value of the differential output impedance of the ADA4938-1 or ADA4938-2

    What is the exact value of the differential output impedance of the ADA4938-1
    or ADA4938-2. Is it 2ohm or 5ohm or 20ohm?There are S parameter plots S11 nad
    S22 in the datasheet but I don't know to which circuit they apply to or to
    which impedance…

  • ADA4938-1:  Can I leave PD pin unconnected?

    If the powerdown feature is not to be used, can the PD pin be left unconnected?


    Yes it can.
  • RE: Questions about ADA4938-1 and ADL5562 for using ADC driver circuit of AD9648


    Thank you for your kind amswer.

    But  they are change their design concept.

    They seoerated path and don't need additional compemsational gain.



  • RE: Marginal Stability in ADA4938-2

    Hi Peter,

    I didn't use this IC, but what I observe is:
    - you are using 100R for Rf and Rg, whereas in data sheet the smallest value is 200R
    - it looks like the ADA4938-2 is less stable than ADA4938-1 for low load resistance - compare Fig.21 / Fig.2…

  • ADA4938 simulation model

    For the ADC amplifier ADA4938. I have a ltspice simulation linked here.  I can plot the supply currents but it does not pull symmetrically for the +5V and -5V rails. 

    Is there a reason why the model suggests unequal current draw? 

    I would have guessed both…

  • What is the impedance of ADA4938-1 in Power-Down mode

    I intend to multiplex the outputs of two ADA4938-1 devices into an ADC type LTC2387-18; I want to confirm this is possible using the Power-Down feature or I have to include a dedicated multiplexer.

    Thank you.

  • ADA4938-1的供电问题


  • Simulation Problem of ADA4938-1

    Dear Emman.A,

             I want to use ada4938-1 to drive the ADC ad9629, before we start the design,  I do the simulation of ada4938-1, but I met some problems when I do the simulation. 

    software: Orcad PSpice

    the steps of simulation:

        First , I get…