• Correct layout of ADA4937-2


    The ADA4937-2 datasheet states that the ground and power planes should be cleared near the summing nodes and gives an example for the ADA4938-1:

    This is a bit confusing to me because it only looks like the polygon pour on the top layer is removed…

  • ADA4937-2差分运放的压摆率



  • How to drive AD9637 use 3 pcs ADA4937-2?

    How to drive AD9637 use 3 pcs ADA4937-2? What's the connnection about the 6 Vocm pins of 3 pcs ADA4937-2 to the Vcm pin of AD9637? Thanks!

  • ADA4937-2作为AD9637驱动问题


  • How to get proper footpring for ADA4937-2

    How do I get the proper footprint for ADA4937-2 in Altium?

    Very sadly, the datasheet does not state any footprint/soldering/landing pattern but merely the the package dimensions.

    Also, a BXL file does not exist. So I downloaded the ADA4932-2YCPZ-R2…

  • RE: Diff-Amp Calculator has a problem with ADA4937?

    Hi barryvo,

    It turns out the Diff-Amp Calculator limit of 1.2V minimum on Vocm is accurate:

    The issue is that with AC coupled 1 scheme, you are at the edge of the input CM voltage range of 0.3V to 1.2V.

    One way to get around this is to use AC couple…

  • ADA4937 Load


    I'm simulating the ADA4937 Differential Ampliifier that I will use as ADC driver for the AD9255, with and without output filter.

    It seems that adding the output filter at tha ADA4937 leads to a huge distortion of the output signal.

  • ADA4937 Gain resistors


    I'd like to know if there is any problem in using resistors of some kOhms as RF and RG for ADA4937 fully differential amplifier: I need a 2kOhms input impedance.


  • ADA4937 small band spec at -40 degreee

    Hi there,

    I have a question about small signal Frequency.

    This spec is defined as Ta=25℃ and also there are some figure like Fig13. 

    Do you have a data or figure measured at -40 degree?

    Looking at large signal frequency at Fig12, it mention -40 degree…

  • ADA4937-1 drive AD9284

    Hi there,

    My customer is designing ADA4937-1 to drive AD9284 for his project. He follow AD9284-250EBZ schematic design, however there are some questions.

    1) In EVB circuit, ADA4937-1 IN+ & IN- are swapped compared to Fig19 in AD9284 DS. Is there any…