• ADA4932-2 FIT Rate


    What is the FIT rate for ADA4932-2


    Sai Kiran S

  • ada4932 alternates.

    We have been using ADA4932-2 in our designs. it was working fine for us. 

    Now they are not available for purchase. 

    My requirement is 160MHz BW, differential input to differential output amplifiers.

    the voltage will is positive and negative 3.3V.


  • RE: ADA4932-2 θjc

    Hi Makio,

    ADA4932-2 theta Jc is 3.67 C/W.


  • ADA4932-1 availability


    The ADA4932-1 availability at distributors is very low. Only Arrow seems to have any in stock (and only a quantity of 10). Are there projections for when this part will again be widely available? Could you also please suggest the closest alternative…

  • ADA4932-Dynamic Performance at low frequencies


    I want to use ADA4932-2 as ADC driver for the ADC AD7768, but my frequency of interest is DC to 100 KHz and input power level in the range of -90 dBm to -10 dBm.

    In the datasheet the dynamic performance for frequency less than 100 KHz is not mentioned…

  • Error in LTspice with ADA4932

    Hi all,

    I have downloaded the ADA4932 model from the web. I am using the circuit as shown in the attachment.
    I think it is available without being clamped, but when I run the simulation in LTspice, it is clamped as shown in the attachment.

    I think this…

  • AD9235, ADA4932-1 spice models

    Hello! Could I get AD9235, ADA4932-1 spice models?

  • ADA4932-1 minimum gain


    The ADA4932-1 datasheet states "Can be used with gains less than 1". How much less than 1 while remaining stable? Would a gain of 1/3 be ok for stability? I'm planning 1500 = RF, 500 = RG. Datasheet Figure shows very modest peaking for Gain =…

  • Can I directly connect Vocm of 8 ADA4932s to the Vcm output of the AD9257?


    Can I directly connect Vocm of all eight ADA4932 to the Vcm output of the
    AD9257 or do I need to buffer Vcm?


    Yes, you can connect the AD9257's Vcm pin to 8 ADA4932s. 
    As the ADA4932's VOCM input impedance is 25kOhms, driving 8 such loads in …

  • ADA4932-2单端转差分和差分转单端