• ltc2159i+ada4932-1


  • ltc2159i+ada4932-1

    i want to use ada4932-1(single to diff) to drive ltc2159, the ada4932-1 input signal is 2vpp,and the max freq is 2mhz,and i want to use ac couple between ada 4932-1 diff out and ltc2159 input.how can i design schematic?or  other drivers  fit for ltc2159…

  • Some questions of ADA4932-1


    I am designing a high speed circuit about differential buffers ,and in this circuit I need a kind of Low Power and High speed Differential ADC Driver Chip. So I choose the ADA4932-1 from the products of ADI. However, I browse the datasheet again…

  • RE: A better part than MAX4420?



      Not sure what "better" means.  Take a look at ADA4932-1.


  • RE: 关于ad7626驱动器的选择问题

    我看了一下,4899-1的−3 dB带宽为 600 MHz (G = +1),ada4932-1的−3 dB带宽为560 MHz (G = 1),两者都是高频器件,没有差太多啊。ADA4899-1在驱动adc时哪几个方面比ada4932-1要好。

  • Use full differential amplifier with gain less than 1 AD8139 or ADA4932-1

    I'm planning to use AD8139 or ADA4932-1 to drive AD9236. And I want to do x10 attenuation at the same time. I've some guestions:

    1. The ADA4932-1 gives Figure 39, "Open-Loop Gain and Phase vs. Frequency", The phase margin is aboult 45 degree, so…
  • RE: No longer see ADA4932 model in SIMextrix.

    Hi Peter,

    It seems that the ADA4932 model has been left out in the updated version of Simetrix. Anyway, the model is available on the web, and it is a new model. Just add it to your library and you can use it.




  • RE: AD7961 DC setup


    After all, the only way to put this board working was using the ADA4932-1 with Vcm enabled.


  • RE: ADC Driver Low noise for AD7380

    Hi Jocs,

    Here is a list of ADI fully differential amplifiers sorted for low distortion (< -100dB), and low noise (<3nV) as a first pass at zeroing in on suitable drivers for the AD7380 (16 bit, SAR, diff input ADC):