• ADA4930-2

    There are two filters at the back end of this chip. What are the parameters of each stage? How are the values of these resistors and capacitors calculated?

  • Thermal resistance of ADA4930-2


    Can you provide the junction-to-case thermal resistance of ADA4930-2?

    Thank you.

  • output impedance of ADA4930-2

    Maybe I've missed it but what is the output impedance of a ADA4930-2. 



  • Ibis model for ADA4930-2

    Hello, as far as I know there is no ibis model available for ADA4930-2.

    Is there an alternative (model of a similar component) I could use?

  • ADA4930-2 Gain Peaking

    Hi there,

    We have an intermittend problem while using the ADA4930-2 in a set of drivers. Intermittendly we pick up a 65 MHz oscillation on one of the 2 channels, which seems to disappear when cycling the devices power.

    The amplifier set consists of…

  • to connect or not to connect Multiple ADA4930-2 Vocm(x) together

    Hello ADA4930-2 experts

    Please can you advise, either to connect or not to connect Multiple ADA4930-2 Vocm's together for the following scenarios.

    Require to use/connect 4 x ADA4930-2 (effectively having 8x Vocm) into 1x AD9681 (with only 2 Vcm…

  • RE: IQ Modulator 8345(Help Requried)

    I would suggest that you use the newer ADA4930-2 which is a dual device. Set Vocm to 1.2V so that the ADA4930 has the correct output bias level.  You can use the DiffAmpCalc tool and the ADA4930 PSPICE tool to get the gain and level shifting set up correctly…

  • ADA4930-2 Unused Channel ports termination

    Hi I am using the ADA4930-2 in one of our design.

    For some reason  we want to stick to ADA4930-2  though we need single OPAMP for our application. So Is this fine to keep the unused OPAMP  ports open? I mean IN+,IN-,FB2+,FB2-,OUT2+,OUT2-,VOCM2.

  • RE: Driving AD9253 with AD8331 VGA

    Hi Doug,

    Thank you for kind reply.

    However, my question is not to compare noise performance between ADA4930 and AD8331.

    My question is to compare noise performance between following

    1. AD8331(LO mode) -> ADA4930 -> AD9253


    2. AD8331(LO mode)

  • RE: AD9613 input driver question

    By the way ... I've paid an attention to the caption of figure 47 ... " Figure 47. Differential Input Configuration Using the ADA4938-2 " While the OpAmp shown is ADA4930-2.