• Thermal resistance of ADA4930-2


    Can you provide the junction-to-case thermal resistance of ADA4930-2?

    Thank you.

  • output impedance of ADA4930-2

    Maybe I've missed it but what is the output impedance of a ADA4930-2. 



  • Ibis model for ADA4930-2

    Hello, as far as I know there is no ibis model available for ADA4930-2.

    Is there an alternative (model of a similar component) I could use?

  • ADA4930-2 Unused Channel ports termination

    Hi I am using the ADA4930-2 in one of our design.

    For some reason  we want to stick to ADA4930-2  though we need single OPAMP for our application. So Is this fine to keep the unused OPAMP  ports open? I mean IN+,IN-,FB2+,FB2-,OUT2+,OUT2-,VOCM2.

  • ADA4930-2

    There are two filters at the back end of this chip. What are the parameters of each stage? How are the values of these resistors and capacitors calculated?

  • ADA4930-2 Gain Peaking

    Hi there,

    We have an intermittend problem while using the ADA4930-2 in a set of drivers. Intermittendly we pick up a 65 MHz oscillation on one of the 2 channels, which seems to disappear when cycling the devices power.

    The amplifier set consists of…

  • to connect or not to connect Multiple ADA4930-2 Vocm(x) together

    Hello ADA4930-2 experts

    Please can you advise, either to connect or not to connect Multiple ADA4930-2 Vocm's together for the following scenarios.

    Require to use/connect 4 x ADA4930-2 (effectively having 8x Vocm) into 1x AD9681 (with only 2 Vcm…

  • ADA4930 supply voltage


    I'm pretty new to PCB designs, and in datasheet of high speed differential amplifier ADA4930 , I don't understand what voltage I should supply to this device.

    They say 3,3V or 5V with +Vs and -Vs so I suppose +3,3/-3,3V or +5/-5V ; but in test…

  • RE: Difference between the ADA4930-2YCPZ and ADA4930-2YCPZ


    ADA4930-2YCPZ is just the dual version of ADA4930-1YCPZ. These part numbers differ in:

    1. # of Channels

    2. Footprint

    3. Thermal Resistance (due package variations)

    4. 0.1 dB flatness (table 1, page 3 and figure 17, page 10)

    With the parameters enumerated…

  • ADA4930 Questions

    Hi Doug,

    There are several questions need you help.

    1. There are two blocks between ADA4930 and AD9633, which need me to make choice: one is the mach resistor, the DEV kit used 24 ohm, our previous board used 50 ohm, there is no match resistor in figure…