• ADA4930-1 with AD9235

    Can I use ADA4930-1 with AD9235? The desired parameters of the operational amplifier are shown on the pictures.                              

  • ADA4930-1 in the power-down mode


    What is the output impedance (or model) of ADA4930-1 when switched off using Power-Down pin. Is the impedance defined by output resistors + resistor-feedback network?

  • ADA4930-1


    I am using ADA4930-1YCPZ-R2 part in my design,For designing circuit  i am referring UG-889 eval board user guide and
    it is mention in user guide that at input side decoupling capacitor 10UF at 3528 package.Is it necessary to use this much big package…

  • Using ADA4930-1 with AD9284

    Dear all,

    I have a single-ended unipolar input signal of 0V to 5V (50 ohms source resistance) connected to the non-inverting input of the ADA4930-1.

    The ADA4930-1 is powered by single-supply 5V and has input common-mode voltage range of 0.3V to 2.8V.

  • RE: ADA4930-1 Single-supply

    Hi Harry,

    Thanks for your support!My customer is designing this part,If ADA4930-1 supply can be 3.3V to 5V,Could you give some feedback?many thanks!

    Best regards


  • ADA4930-1 Input DC Adjustment from DAC

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am planning on using AD8336, ADA4930-1 and AD9681.

    AD8336 to ADA4930-1 is DC coupled with unipolar signal that has DC offset.

    The unipolar signal is connected to the non-inverting input of the ADA4930-1.

    What options are available…

  • RE: G<1 for ADA4930

    Hi bartok,

    When using amplifiers at very low gain (G<=1), stability becomes an issue. Stability is determined by the amplifier of Noise Gain (NG), where NG=1+Rf/Rg. We need enough phase margin of 45 degrees or more at a NG=1 in order for the amplifier…

  • RE: Difference between the ADA4930-2YCPZ and ADA4930-2YCPZ


    ADA4930-2YCPZ is just the dual version of ADA4930-1YCPZ. These part numbers differ in:

    1. # of Channels

    2. Footprint

    3. Thermal Resistance (due package variations)

    4. 0.1 dB flatness (table 1, page 3 and figure 17, page 10)

    With the parameters enumerated…

  • ADA4930 input range at 5V supply

    Can you tell me the input range of ADA4930-1 / ADA4930-2 when it is supplied
    with 5V? Only its common-mode input voltage range is specified as 0.3V to 2.8V.
    What peak value of a superimposed AC signal is allowed for fully differential
  • RE: ADA4930 supply voltage


    ADA4930 can be operated in single supply, that is either 3.3V/GND or 5V/GND single supply operation.
    Device performance for both supply condition is specified from Table 1 to Table 6.
    Split supply of +3.3V/-3.3V is equivalent to 6.6V potential difference…