• ADA4927-2 to drive an AD9652


    I have some doubts and questions about using an ADA4927-2 to drive an AD9652. First of all is wether that would require symmetric supplies or if it will suffice with +5V single supply. The optimum input Vcm for the AD9652 is 2V and the output range…

  • differential amplifier common mode output

    Dear sir,
    We are using ADA4927-1 device for our application. In our application input to ADA4927-1 is form a sensor having 
    output in Differential mode. we want an output from ADA4927-1 in common mode configuration. we have gone through 
    the AN-584 APPLICATION…

  • ADA4927-1 / ADA4927-2 power-down feature below 0°C

    Good day!

    Our device should work with wide temperature range, but in datasheet at ADA4927-1 / ADA4927-2 we've found that:

    The power-down feature should not be used in applications in which the ambient temperature falls below 0°C. Contact sales for…

  • RE: HMC336 control logic

    HI S.ilke,

    I was thinking for proposing ADA4927-1/ADA4927-2 with the following configuration.

    Please help to know whether this configuration can be used toggling the switch control or not.



  • Uncompromising Linearity from the LTC2185 and ADA4927-1

    The LTC2185 is a 125Msps 16-bit ADC with excellent noise and linearity performance while only consuming 185mW per channel. It is ideal for demanding low power applications that require excellent AC performance. A high performance ADC like the LTC2185…

  • RE: AD9257 ADC driver and VCM output buffer recommendations

    Here at the university of Edinburgh, we are saving the same problem.

    We are using the ADA4927-2 to drive AC coupled signals into the AD9257 40MS/s ADC. The ADA4927-2 has an input resistance of 5k typical. We have 'n' of these being driven by a single…

  • The circuit for bidirectional signal (ADA4927 output impedance @ power down)


    I would like to send interactive signal on the one differential signal line.

    The direction of signal would control by switch.

    This signal is up to 20MHz.

    (The signal amplitude is about 1Vpp temporarily )

    For example, if we design this circuit…

  • RE: how to reconcile the capacitive sensor with a close differential amplifier?

    Hi Dmitrii,


    1. Is your sensor in IC form, is it a voltage output device? If yes:

    2. What is its output impedance? High or low? If it has a high output impedance, use ADA4817-2, the first amplifier buffer configured and the other one with…

  • Serial to parallel LTC2325 cannot get the correct waveform

     The amplifier I didn't use the recommended LT1819, I used ADA4927-2, may be the reason is incompatibility.

    I used signal generator to input sine wave(100MHz, Vmax=1V, Vmin=0V), but I cannot get the correct waveform from the function "set up debug…

  • RE: problem_with_gain_control

    Hi Tomas,

    I don't think you would be running into any problems with distortion in your application since you are working with square waves. Also, you could actually just gain up the signal by 2 to get your desired output on one end of the ADA4927.…