• ADA4927-1 / ADA4927-2 power-down feature below 0°C

    Good day!

    Our device should work with wide temperature range, but in datasheet at ADA4927-1 / ADA4927-2 we've found that:

    The power-down feature should not be used in applications in which the ambient temperature falls below 0°C. Contact sales for…

  • ADA4927-2 Layout suggestion

    I am going to design a pcb with the ADA4927-2 OpAmp, so i would ask for a good layout example or suggestion.

    Are there any evalboard-files or something to see a good layout example for this opamp?

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  • ADA4927-2 to drive an AD9652


    I have some doubts and questions about using an ADA4927-2 to drive an AD9652. First of all is wether that would require symmetric supplies or if it will suffice with +5V single supply. The optimum input Vcm for the AD9652 is 2V and the output range…

  • Questions about ADA4927-2

    Do Exposed Pads need to be connected to either + V or -V?

    Can I connect to the ground?

  • ADA4927-2 : garber file of EVAL-FDA-2CPZ-24


    I have a request from our customer about garber file of EVAL-FDA-2CPZ-24.

    Could you please offer the garber file ?

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  • ADA4927 minimum Vocm specification


    We are using ADA4927-2 with only positive power supply (+5V). According to the datasheet and also to the Diff-Amp calculator tool the minimum allowable Vocm value is 1.5 V. We need to set it to 1.25 V due to the following ADC requirement for optimal…

  • RE: ADA4927-x : Power Down control in cold temperature

    Can you provide any more information about temperatures and how long it might take to power up?  I'm running into problems with ADA4927-2 where some of them (about 25%) are slow to power up (longer than 1.3mS) even at room temperature (70 F).

  • ADA4927 output impedance

    Dear ADI,

    What the output impedance of the ADA4927 amplifier?

    Thank You

  • ADA4927 Common Mode Gain

    Why is there a difference between the input Vocm and the Vout,cm at the output
    pins, OUT+ and OUT-?


    Be aware that ∆Vout,cm/∆Vocm Gain is not typically unity, and can range from
    0.90 (minimum) – 1.00 (maximum), see table 2…
  • ADA4927 output current

    We have an XMC card application which uses ADA4927-1 to interface between an
    SMA 50ohm input and an A/D converter. The A/D converter accepts 0 to 2V peak at
    its inputs but can withstand higher voltages without latch-up provided the