• ADA4927 Power Down Pin

    Hello, I have a question about this feature, in the data sheet says:

    The power-down feature can reduce power consumption when a particular device is not in use and does not place the output in a high-Z state when asserted. The ADA4927 is generally enabled…

  • RE: ADA4927-x : Power Down control in cold temperature

    Hello Andy-san,

    I'm sorry, I have no more information about the ambient temperature of ADA4927-x.
    But I am interested in your information because I introduce ADA4927-x for the customer who needs a highspeed amplifier.
    Is that a quality issue?

    Best regards…

  • 给运放(ADA4807+ADA4927)供电的正负电源上电启动失败


    正电源: LTM4644(12V转5.5V)+TPS7A8400(LDO 5.5V转5V)




    1. 上电之后,测量运发昂的供电电压,正电源输出+5V,正常;负电源输出不正常,一般是…

  • Questions about ADA4927-2

    Do Exposed Pads need to be connected to either + V or -V?

    Can I connect to the ground?

  • 有关使用ADA4927-1评估板


  • Harmonic distortion for ADA4927-1 in single-ended output configuration


    I need to convert the differential signal to the single-ended (SE) signal. The harmonics level at frequencies of DC-180 MHz shall not exceed -45 dBc when the signal level 0.56 Vp-p. Matching differential receivers I have not found. Use a differential…

  • ADA4927 - minimum Rf resistance value


    ADA4927, as a current-feedback amplifier, most likely does not tolerate too low values of Rf resistor (between output and inverting input), however I cannot find this information in the datasheet.

    I would like to use it in an application of I/V converter…

  • ADA4927-2 Layout suggestion

    I am going to design a pcb with the ADA4927-2 OpAmp, so i would ask for a good layout example or suggestion.

    Are there any evalboard-files or something to see a good layout example for this opamp?

    Best Regards


  • RE: LTC6363-1 replacement LTC6363-1 replacement LTC6363-1 replacement

    Hi Mamzi,

    Have you checked on our authorized distributors? What package do you need?

    You can check Analog Devices' parametric search for single-ended to fully differential amplifiers

    Single-Ended to Differential Amplifiers Fixed Gain Selection


  • LTC3114-1 evaluation board SCP-LTC3114-1-EVALZ

    On the evaluation board for the LTC3114 Diode D2 connects to SW2 on the IC, What does it do, and under what conditions is it needed? We are supplying  12V at 1amp from 9 to 30V input to external customer supplied devices, these may have there own input…