• differential amplifier common mode output

    Dear sir,
    We are using ADA4927-1 device for our application. In our application input to ADA4927-1 is form a sensor having 
    output in Differential mode. we want an output from ADA4927-1 in common mode configuration. we have gone through 
    the AN-584 APPLICATION…

  • RE: How to connect ADRF6806 to the ADCs

    Here is an article I wrote on the ADA4927 driving the LTC2185 (a 16 bit part).  This might help you with your design.

    Uncompromising Linearity from the LTC2185 and ADA4927-1 

  • RE: HMC336 control logic

    HI S.ilke,

    I was thinking for proposing ADA4927-1/ADA4927-2 with the following configuration.

    Please help to know whether this configuration can be used toggling the switch control or not.



  • ADA4927-1 / ADA4927-2 power-down feature below 0°C

    Good day!

    Our device should work with wide temperature range, but in datasheet at ADA4927-1 / ADA4927-2 we've found that:

    The power-down feature should not be used in applications in which the ambient temperature falls below 0°C. Contact sales for…

  • Uncompromising Linearity from the LTC2185 and ADA4927-1

    The LTC2185 is a 125Msps 16-bit ADC with excellent noise and linearity performance while only consuming 185mW per channel. It is ideal for demanding low power applications that require excellent AC performance. A high performance ADC like the LTC2185…

  • RE: ada4927-1 adding dc offset onto inverting input to maximize adc range


    I sent an email to the product line apps engineer for the ADA4927-1


  • RE: ADA4927 with common mode

    Thank you for you answer about the AD8031.

    About the ADA4927-1 do you have some idea?

    Man Long

  • 你与实现LTC2185出色的线性度之间只差一个放大器

    今天版主要为大家介绍的是一对具有出色线性度的产品——LTC2185 和 ADA4927-1

    LTC2185 是一款16位、125 MSPS ADC,具有出色的噪声性能和线性度,同时每通道所需功耗仅为185 mW,非常适合要求严苛且需要出色交流性能的低功耗应用。这种性能的 ADC 需要配备高性能放大器,才能以保持其出色性能。ADA4927-1可满足LTC2185的线性度需求,同时功耗仅为215 mW。

    ADA4927是一款高速差动电流反馈型放大器。ADA4927-1 采用 ADI 公司的硅-锗工艺制造…

  • dac differential output


    I'm looking for a way to interface the AD9122 dac with differential amplifier like the ADA4927-1

    am I doing it right?

    what should I do with the VCM?



  • ADA4927-2 Layout suggestion

    I am going to design a pcb with the ADA4927-2 OpAmp, so i would ask for a good layout example or suggestion.

    Are there any evalboard-files or something to see a good layout example for this opamp?

    Best Regards