• RE: ADA4927-1 / ADA4927-2 power-down feature below 0°C

    What is meant by "a long time"?  Will it start in tens of microseconds...in milliseconds...in seconds?  Is it progressively slower to start up as the die temperature is decreased?  Does it ever fail to start below 0 ºC altogether?  Does it…

  • ADA4927 output current

    We have an XMC card application which uses ADA4927-1 to interface between an
    SMA 50ohm input and an A/D converter. The A/D converter accepts 0 to 2V peak at
    its inputs but can withstand higher voltages without latch-up provided the
  • AD9635 with ADA4927 as driver

    Hi ADI,

    We need an ADC setup to sample a single-ended IF signal. We are considering the AD9635 as the ADC with the recommended ADA4927 as driver and to perform the a single-ended to differential conversion.

    The IF signal has beat frequencies down to 1…

  • ADA4927 Common Mode Gain

    Why is there a difference between the input Vocm and the Vout,cm at the output
    pins, OUT+ and OUT-?


    Be aware that ∆Vout,cm/∆Vocm Gain is not typically unity, and can range from
    0.90 (minimum) – 1.00 (maximum), see table 2…
  • ADA4927 Power Down Pin

    The data sheet spec for the powerdown pin quotes voltages e.g. 3.2V as if
    relative to a ground pin. However there is no ground pin. Some of the graphs
    quote supplies of +/-2.5V so 3.2v would not seem to be a good idea. Is the
    device actually…
  • RE: ADA4927 minimum Vocm specification


    is there any update on this subject?

    what possible issues we may expect using the Vocm at lower voltage?

    performance degradation ?

    damage the part?


    Thanks for your reply

  • RE: ADA4860-1YRJZ-RL7, ADA4927-2YCPZ-R7 Theta JC

    Hi Ozaku,

    ADA4860 Theta JC is 48.2C/W. I' have emailed the contact person for Theta JC of ADA4927 and will get back to you.



  • Uncompromising Linearity from the LTC2185 and ADA4927-1

    The LTC2185 is a 125Msps 16-bit ADC with excellent noise and linearity performance while only consuming 185mW per channel. It is ideal for demanding low power applications that require excellent AC performance. A high performance ADC like the LTC2185…

  • ADA4927 Power Down Pin

    Hello, I have a question about this feature, in the data sheet says:

    The power-down feature can reduce power consumption when a particular device is not in use and does not place the output in a high-Z state when asserted. The ADA4927 is generally enabled…