• Can the ADA4922-1 be operated from a single 5 V supply?

    I'm looking for a single-ended to differential amplifier which can be powered by a single 5 V supply.  I.E. Vs+ = 5.0 V, Vs- = 0V.

    The ADA4922-1 fits the bill otherwise, and we already use it in some products.

    The datasheet advises a supply range…

  • Query about ADA4922-1 EPAD

    Dear Supporter,

    I have a question about ADA4922-1. Is the Exposed Paddle of ADA4922-1 connected to GND or just a copper plane?




  • AD7768 AND ADA4922-1

    Hi All,

     I am working one of my project called 8 Channel Receiver.

    In this project, I have 8 Channel of differential Analog input.

    I will get the all the 8 Channel input from external source with the range of 10Vpp as Max .

    I have mentioned my design block…

  • ADA4922-1: Power dissipation / Howto connect to a short twisted pair cable


    In our system (industry electronics) we use the ADA4922-1 to convert a single-ended signal to a differential signal (a short twisted pair cable will be connected). The issue is that the ADA 4922 gets quite hot, even in steady state condition (when…

  • ADA4922-1 Offset voltage and Output Load


    I am using ADA4922-1 to convert a single ended square wave of 1 KHz frequency from single ended to differential. The input square wave have an arbitrary DC offset. In order to remove the DC offset i am using a high pass filter between signal source…

  • ADA4922-1: When soldering exposed pad, which plane potential should used?

    The datasheet states that the exposed paddle on the underside of the package
    must be soldered to a pad on the PCB surface that is thermally connected to a
    copper plane to achieve the specified θJA. The datasheet does not specify the
  • ADA4922-1 / AD8139 18-bit differential high voltage ADC driver


    I'm designing an AFE for 100 Hz to 5 MHz bandwidth input signal. ADC is 18-bit 15 MSPS SAR with differential input 8.192 Vpp. I have completed my signal amplifying & conditioning circuitry, the only thing that now concerns me is the ADC driver. I…

  • ADA4922-1的cir仿真文件的管脚对应


  • About ada4922 spice model


    I downloaded ada4922.cir from this page http://www.analog.com/en/design-center/simulation-models/spice-models.html

    however it seems that there is an additionnal "Feedback" pin that does not exist in the datasheet.

    I believe that the subject…

  • about ADA4922-1ACP-EBZ


    I'd like to know about ADA492201ACP-EBZ. Is there a document of ADA4922-1ACP-EBZ? Is this board same with EVAL-FDA-1CPZ-16? Is there a device on board?