• ADA4899-1


    I was wondering if anybody could give us THD frequency sweeps in the audio band 20-20Khz of the ADA4899-1 with gain set to 1. I was wondering if its THD performance was better than the AD797. I would like to use this device in I/V stage of a high…

  • ADA4899-1 Offset voltage


    I am using the ADA4899-1YCPZ.

    The data sheet states offset voltage: 230uV Maximum.
    When I used it, I had an offset voltage of 1.3V.

    I put the result of the simulation as an attached file, and I used the PCB circuit diagram I actually created as…

  • PCB layout of ADA4899-1

    I have a quesion.

    There is a comment that "All ground and power planes under the pin should be cleared of copper".

    Is a meaning of this comment is  just only improved the specification?

    If ground and power planes are not cleared, is the o

  • Question regarding ADA4899-1

    I have a customer with the following question:

    • (1)  I am using the SOIC package, which has two –Vs pins.  Is it best connect both 4 and 5, or just pin 5 (see figure and data sheet excerpt below)?
    • (2) Input bias currents can be reduced from -6uA…
  • Noise model of ADA4899-1 for LTspice

    When doing a noise analysis in Spice (LTSpice) using the model provided for the
    ADA-4899, the noise output is orders of magnitude larger than specified in the

    At first glance it seems like a noise current of ~12 nA/√Hz is…
  • Problem of PCB layout  of  ADA4899-1

    Hi all,

      It is suggested  in the datasheet of ADA4899 that all ground and power planes under the pins of the ADA4899-1 should be cleared of copper to prevent the formation of parasitic capacitance between the input pins to ground and the output pins to…

  • Could the power supply of ADA4899-1 be ±2.5V?

    Could the power supply of ADA4899-1 be ±2.5V? Thanks!

  • RE: photodiode amplifier

    Hi Yung-Cheng,

    The AD8015 may be a good option, but I am curious why the circuit the photodiode wizard generated for you using the ADA4899-1 and AD8011 is not working for you.

    Some questions that might help to debug the circuit:

    1) Are the power supplies…

  • ADA4899-2?


    Will there ever be an ADA4899-2? I have a circuit that actually uses two ADA4899-1, but I would really love to have two of them in this nice little CP16-2-Package to save precious pcb area

    Best Regards,


  • AD8099 ADA4899-1... mux them together


    I'm using 2 AD8099 (G=20) and 2 ADA4899-1 (G=1), all four are muxed to drive a AD8331...

    The circuit should be very low noise and the Bandwidth around 30MHz.

    I'm wondering how many others AD8099 can I add, without degrading performance?…