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  • ADA4897-1, ADA4897-2, ADA4896-2 Maximum Operating Voltage Range

    Will the ADA4897-1 run off a single +5V or +12V Supply Range ?


    On pages 4-5 of the data sheet you will find the operating parameters for +5V
    supply range. According to the data sheets, the ADA4897 has a normal operating
    voltage range…
  • ADA4897 as ADC7124-4 Driver

    Hi ADI,

    I have a question regarding the maximum gain of ADA4897-2 and capacitive loads.

    I use this amplifier with a gain =50 to amplifiy the sensor signal at the input of AD7124-4.

    I use 100 ohm snubber resistor comes after a 2.2nF capacitor also another…

  • ADA4897

    Dear analog engineers,

    I was looking in the datasheet of ADA4897.

    There is an example of a low noise gain selectable amplifier with an extra switch in the datasheet.

    In this example you placed an balance resistor, to get a more constant offset voltage…

  • ADA4897: power dissipation calculation

    I have a question about the power dissipation calculation in the ADA4897-1
    In the “MAXIMUM POWER DISSIPATION” section, there’s the following formula on
    power dissipation. Would you like to explain the definition of “Total Drive…
  • Error in ADA4897 spice model

    There is a small error in ADA4897 spice model, where node 106 (PD) should be DISABLE bar, i.e., when 106 pulled to -VS + 0.7 V, AD4897 will be put into disable mode.

  • unity gain amplifier using ada4897-1

    i am using ADA4897 as non inverting unity gain amplifier. i used function generator to provide the input to the opamp(dc voltage).  when i try to measure the voltage at the input of non-inverting terminal(i/p), I could see some change in the o/p of opamp…

  • Huge offset voltage with ADA4897-1

    I have a standard inverting amplifier stage with Rf = 100k and Rg = 10k (A = -10 V/V).  The amp is powered from +/-5V and the positive input terminal is connected to 0V.  Pins 1 and 5 are open.  Pin 8 (nDISABLE) is also left open.  Very straightforward setup…

  • ADA4896, ADA4897 input bias current direction.


    In the datasheet of ADA4896/ADA4897 bias current is specified as -11uA (typ.). What "-" sign signifies? At first I assumed it signifies the direction of current flow as in "-" signifies current flowing out of the input pin and "+" signifies current…

  • oscillations in ada4897-1 o/p

    I am using the above mentioned opamp as a unity gain amplifier and the opamp is powered from 5V supply (Single supply). I am seeing oscillations in the o/p if opamp when a dc or ac input  is given to opamp. can any one suggest the reason. i have provided…