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  • ADA4897-1, ADA4897-2, ADA4896-2 Maximum Operating Voltage Range

    Will the ADA4897-1 run off a single +5V or +12V Supply Range ?


    On pages 4-5 of the data sheet you will find the operating parameters for +5V
    supply range. According to the data sheets, the ADA4897 has a normal operating
    voltage range…
  • RE: ADA4897 electromigration limits


    Electromigration is an end-of-life-failure mode that limits the life of the product. Operating within the operating parameters help not accelerate reaching the end of life of the product. You may check this user guide from Analog Devices for more…

  • ADA4897 as ADC7124-4 Driver

    Hi ADI,

    I have a question regarding the maximum gain of ADA4897-2 and capacitive loads.

    I use this amplifier with a gain =50 to amplifiy the sensor signal at the input of AD7124-4.

    I use 100 ohm snubber resistor comes after a 2.2nF capacitor also another…

  • ADA4897 electromigration limits


    Assuming operation well within the power dissipation budget of the device,

    is there a limit on the maximum continuous output current the ADA4897 due to electromigration ? 

    Thank you.

  • ADA4897

    Dear analog engineers,

    I was looking in the datasheet of ADA4897.

    There is an example of a low noise gain selectable amplifier with an extra switch in the datasheet.

    In this example you placed an balance resistor, to get a more constant offset voltage…

  • ADA4897: power dissipation calculation

    I have a question about the power dissipation calculation in the ADA4897-1
    In the “MAXIMUM POWER DISSIPATION” section, there’s the following formula on
    power dissipation. Would you like to explain the definition of “Total Drive…
  • Error in ADA4897 spice model

    There is a small error in ADA4897 spice model, where node 106 (PD) should be DISABLE bar, i.e., when 106 pulled to -VS + 0.7 V, AD4897 will be put into disable mode.

  • unity gain amplifier using ada4897-1

    i am using ADA4897 as non inverting unity gain amplifier. i used function generator to provide the input to the opamp(dc voltage).  when i try to measure the voltage at the input of non-inverting terminal(i/p), I could see some change in the o/p of opamp…

  • Huge offset voltage with ADA4897-1

    I have a standard inverting amplifier stage with Rf = 100k and Rg = 10k (A = -10 V/V).  The amp is powered from +/-5V and the positive input terminal is connected to 0V.  Pins 1 and 5 are open.  Pin 8 (nDISABLE) is also left open.  Very straightforward setup…