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  • ADA 4896 LTspice4 Noise simulation


    I have simulated AD797 (AD797.cir) noise with LTSpice4, it is as in data sheet around 1.8nV/Hz1/2 @10Hz

    Now, i want to simulate ADA4896 (ADA4896.cir) and i find something very different with data sheet...

    I think it is because of bad ADA4896…

  • Audio Amp questions about AD8397 and ADA4896-2

    Hi Sir,

        Our customer have interesting in AD8397 and ADA4896-2 , and have questions need to know further about :

    " How do these parts(AD8397 and ADA4896-2) behave when they reach their output current limits?

    Do they clip at Io limit, is the…

  • RE: ADA4896-2 output saturating in unity gain

    I must of missed the info on the input range. I think I just assumed it would be to the supplies. So it seems to be doing what it should. Thanks

  • RE: ADA4896 noise simulation

    We  use ADA4896 as a unity gain buffer amplifier. I modeled the noise of ADA4896 and see rising noise density at high frequencies. Noise density is more 6 nv/rt(Hz) above 80MHz. I noticed the same behavior in your figure. Is real ADA4896 so noisy at high…

  • ADA4897-1, ADA4897-2, ADA4896-2 Maximum Operating Voltage Range

    Will the ADA4897-1 run off a single +5V or +12V Supply Range ?


    On pages 4-5 of the data sheet you will find the operating parameters for +5V
    supply range. According to the data sheets, the ADA4897 has a normal operating
    voltage range…
  • RE: ADA4896 spice model could not use for OrCAD PSpice.

    Hi, moto.

    According to the applications engineer of ADA4896, "dquiet" represents a diode that doesn't generate noise. For ADA4896, it is not relevent thus removing it won't affect the performance of the spice model.

    Hope this answers…

  • RE: ADA4896 oscillates at ~90MHz

    There are 4 layers: top, gnd, power (traces, not plane), bottom. ADA4896 is on top layer. Its thermal pad connected to GND. We did not made cuts in GND plane under inverting/noninverting inputs and output of ADA4896. This is mistake and it adds some stray…

  • RE: ADA4899-2?

    Hi Fabian,

    I don't see us releasing the ADA4899 in dual LFCSP in the near future. However, maybe we have a dual that can fit your application?

    We recently released the ADA4896-2 and the ADA4897-2, maybe they would work for you?