• ADA4895-2 disable

    I wanted to know if the disable feature of the ADA4895-2 could be used as a mux function, for when the part is under power and when it is not powered.  Can you indicate the output impedance and leakage current when the outputs are disabled?

    Also, is there…

  • ADA4895-2单电源供电问题



  • Inverting input configuration of ADA4895-2

    Hi, I am trying to implement High speed systems using the ADA4895-2 in inverting configuration. The circuit for the same is not that clear from the datasheet. And the circuit that I am using is not giving me the desired outputs for high frequency signals…

  • ADA4895-1/2 Data sheet Correction

    Hi ,

    Could you please correct the description with regards AMP which is used for unity-gain from ADA4895-2 to ADA4897-1/ADA4898-2 on Page 17.

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  • ADA4895-2直流偏置问题


  • RE: 请教AD8432与ADA4895-2这两款芯片的两个放大通道是否可以串联使用?



  • ADA4895 spice model


    I am trying to simulate the ADA4895 VFB ampliefier with LTspice. The model has been downloaded from the product web page:


    The circuit I am trying to simulate is a simple non inverting amplifier…

  • ADA4895 Active filter





    ADA4895,使用的为+2.50Vdc,-2.50Vdc, Disable连接+2.5Vdc,保证控制的正常工作。

    焊接后,加上电源,不加输入信号时候,静态电流,正负电源基本上为 2mA稍多(电源显示0.002A,精度有限),这些基本正常…

  • ADA4895 Ground Plane - Reducing Stay Capacitance at Input and Output Pins

    The ADA4985 datasheet says "It is important to avoid ground in the areas under and around the input and output of the ADA4895."  

    Later it mentions how to connect the bypass caps to the ground plane.

    I am unclear where there should be ground plane…

  • Question about ADA4895

    Hi All,

    Changing resistors like attachment, the amplification is increased in case 2. It shows 20 times but theoretical value is 10 times. Why it is increased in case 2?

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