• YPrPb cable driver for ADV7393

    Dear sir.

    I want cable driver for YPrPb output using ADA4891-3W.

    Plz help me.

  • RE: ADA4891-1WARJZ-R7 about storage temperature and Tjmax

    Hi, Shigeaki.

    According to the product owner, both the storage temp range and Tjmax of ADA4891-1WARJZ-R7 are the same with the rest of the ADA4891.



  • RE: Is there a Spice model specifically for ADA4891-3 including the output disable pins?

    Hi Julio,

    Please see attached file for the SPICE model of ADA4891-3. Please note that this is just a probationary model, but it is a working one. Should you have questions or concerns, just let me know.



  • HD Video buffer amp for ADV7393 output


    Customer wants HD video buffer amp with AEC-Q100 qualified part for ADV7393 output(YPbPr, 720p).

    I thinks 3x ADA4891-1W or 1x ADA4891-4W is acceptable to cover 30Mhz video signal.

    What is your opinion? If it is not OK. Please suggest right parts…

  • Using ADA4891 for Sample and hold circuit

    Hi ,

    We are using ADA4891 for sample and hold circuit , but would like to know if the Amplifier be stable when the capacitor drains of the

    charge leaving the input similar to that of Floating state.

    We are using a switch before the capacitor connected…

  • RE: Buffering AD7147 AC_Shield Signal

    Hi Jennifer,

    The AC_SHIELD output is 250kHz, so the buffer does not need to be particularly wide band.

    I'd recommend the ADA4891 op amp, its available in a SOT23 , and has the required slew rate and low input capacitance.


  • reduce peaking in op-amps

    how to reduce peaking in op-amps eg. ADA4891-1, at the high frequency

  • RE: 弱电流检测


  • RE: 26M 1.0V 幅度放大到1.8V

    可以参考一下ADA4895-1 或者 ADA4897-1  ADA4800   ADA4891-1

  • RE: AD7192对参考电压驱动的要求