• Is there a Spice model specifically for ADA4891-3 including the output disable pins?


    I'd like to simulate a circuit using the output disable capability of ADA4891-3, but I couldn't find a spice model which includes the output disable pins. Is there one available?

    If so, how can I download it? Can I use it with LTspice?

  • About ADA4891 LTSpice Model


    I would like to use ADA4891.

    So, I simulated using LTSpice, but the + side of the output voltage will saturate halfway.

    This IC should be a product of Rail to Rail.
    Is the contents of this model correct?

    Best Regards


  • Problem  voltage follower AD8548 & ADA4891


    Currently i am doing a test PCB in order to simulate a wide range of thermistors sensors. I generate a voltage with a DAC (TLV5630) and then jus to protect the DAC i use a amplifier as votlage follower.

    First of all i used AD8548, but I found with…

  • Operation Amplifier for video-ADA4891-1


    I'm using the ADA4891-1 in a non inverting application - With amplification of 2.

    I'm using VS=3.3V , RG&RF = 604 Ohm, Input resistor-Rt=200 Ohm, I have 100n and 10u Capacitors betweren Vs and Gnd, Input Voltage=1V, output Voltage=Ringing!!…

  • Using ADA4891 for Sample and hold circuit

    Hi ,

    We are using ADA4891 for sample and hold circuit , but would like to know if the Amplifier be stable when the capacitor drains of the

    charge leaving the input similar to that of Floating state.

    We are using a switch before the capacitor connected…

  • ADA4891-1W schematic review at ADV7393 DAC output

    ADA4891-1W schematic review at ADV7393 DAC output by Steven.yang@analog.com


    As we discussed, customer would like to apply video buffer amp for 720p YPbPr at ADV7393 output.

    I draw the schematic and the configuration as well in attached file.


  • ADA4891-1WARJZ-R7 about storage temperature and Tjmax


    Is storage temperature of ADA4891-1WARJZ-R7 (Qualified for Automotive Applications) −65°C to +125°C ?

    Is Tjmax 125°C ( or 150°C ) ?


  • Re: ADA4891-1W schematic review at ADV7393 DAC output

    The recommended schematic for non-inverting gain has positive and negative power rails on the op-amp.  The reason for this with the op--amp VSS tied to ground , the op-amp will have problems driving the output signal to ground.  The reference schematic…

  • Using ADA4891 as SE to Diff amplifier from Piezo sensor


    Is the ADA4891-2 a good candidate to create a SE to Diff amplifier to be used as amplification stage of piezo sensor?


  • Can the ADA4891-1 be used as a unity gain buffer?

    I was wondering if the ADA4891-1 can be used as a unity gain buffer?  I have a unity gain stable amp on my PCA already but for consolidation of parts and for operating temperature range, I would like use an existing amp I have on my board, the ADA4891-1…