• Operation Amplifier for video-ADA4891-1


    I'm using the ADA4891-1 in a non inverting application - With amplification of 2.

    I'm using VS=3.3V , RG&RF = 604 Ohm, Input resistor-Rt=200 Ohm, I have 100n and 10u Capacitors betweren Vs and Gnd, Input Voltage=1V, output Voltage=Ringing!!…

  • RE: 26M 1.0V 幅度放大到1.8V

    可以参考一下ADA4895-1 或者 ADA4897-1  ADA4800   ADA4891-1

  • reduce peaking in op-amps

    how to reduce peaking in op-amps eg. ADA4891-1, at the high frequency

  • RE: Buffering AD7147 AC_Shield Signal

    Hi Jennifer,

    The AC_SHIELD output is 250kHz, so the buffer does not need to be particularly wide band.

    I'd recommend the ADA4891 op amp, its available in a SOT23 , and has the required slew rate and low input capacitance.


  • RE: ADA4981 single 5V supply rail to rail performance question

    Hi Edward,

    I believe you are testing it at Gain of 1. Please refer to the IVR of ADA4891, which limits the output of the part for Gain=1


  • Can the ADA4891-1 be used as a unity gain buffer?

    I was wondering if the ADA4891-1 can be used as a unity gain buffer?  I have a unity gain stable amp on my PCA already but for consolidation of parts and for operating temperature range, I would like use an existing amp I have on my board, the ADA4891-1…

  • RE: AD7192对参考电压驱动的要求


  • RE: Using ADA4891 for Sample and hold circuit


    Apology for the very late reply.

    As the switch acts as an open switch, the capacitor will almost retain its voltage due to the very high capacitor discharging time caused by the very high input impedance of ADA4891 (5Gohms). Therefore, the output…

  • RE: Re: ADA4891-1W schematic review at ADV7393 DAC output

    Hi Guenter,

    Sorry, the reply is not activated in EngineerZone. So, I send an email to you.

    The recommended schematic for non-inverting gain has positive and negative power rails on the op-amp.  The reason for this with the op--amp VSS tied to ground…

  • RE: AD8099 oscillation


      You are using an op amp that is three times higher gbw than the AD811 on the eval board.

    Faster is not always better.  I would use ADA4895-1, ADA4897-1, ADA4891-1 instead of

    the AD8099.

      With any high speed op amp, you need two bypass caps…