• ADA4870 NRND


    I had noticed ADA4870 being NRND.

    Are there any replacement for this device?

  • ADA4870 TFL pin temperature range

    Dears sirs:

    Customer will use ADA4870

    Use TFL pin for the temperature monitor

    the datasheet show the ADA4870ARRZ  TFL_pin (referenced to VEE)  , Voltage(1.5V ~ 1.9V)  temperature range?

    check datasheet & UG685 have no corresponding values

    could you please…

  • EVAL-ADA4870 dimensions

    Hi, support team

    I'm trying to add a heatsink to the EVAL-ADA4870.
    Although 2.02 "x 1.09" is written on p.6 of UG-685, 1.09 "seems to be a mistake.
    Please tell me the correct size in millimeters.


  • ADA4870 /ON,/SD sequence

    For power up sequence, how long do I need to pull /ON low ?

    For recovery from shutdown, how long do I need to keep /SD Hi before pull /ON low? and how long do I need to keep /ON low before float /ON?

  • ADA4870 no output

    Can anyone tell me why my ADA4870 cannot work?

    This is my circuit.

    I use agilent 3350B to produce the signal to ADA4870.

    I have tried many ways such as add a capacitive load or a series resistor in output, but useless.

  • RE: ADA4870 driving a large capacitive load


    Figure 70 and figure 71 are useful plots from ADA4870 data sheets.
    Figure 70 shows the needed series resistor at the output for certain cap load for maximum 1 dB peaking while figure 71 shows the small signal bandwidth for various R and C's.


  • ADA4870 output voltage in power-up


    We use AD4870 for actuator drive.

    The Condition is below.

    VCC 30V
    VEE -5V
    SD VEE until Power-up
    Input  0V
    Output No load

    RF and RG are below +10 condition.

    Sequence is 

    Condition 1:VEE=-5V(SD=VEE VIN=0V)

    Condition 2:VCC=30V(SD=VEE VIN…

  • RE: ADA4870 with variable DC "mid" voltage setting


    The first thing I would like to remind here is that the ADA4870 is a Current Feedback Amplifier.
    And since you are aiming to use this part as a voltage follower, please do not directly short output to -IN.
    There is a recommended Rf for every gain, and…

  • Question about ADA4870 powered by a single power supply

    When ada4870 is powered by single 18V power supply, the reference level of TFL, SD and on should be GND, right?

    Is this connection incorrect? Should SD and on be + 5V at most?

  • ad9117(ad911x) to drive ada4870

    In my design, using a DAC and ADA4870 to generate 0~5MHz high current sine/pulse waveform.
    For DAC, I want to use ad911x, to drive ADA4870, need a current to voltage buffer. In datasheet, recommended is to use ADA4899/ADA4841, and a buffer for REFIO. My…