• ADA4870

    I want to ask if I can work with ADA4870 with single supply voltage. but I want to work only with 5V and connect VEE to GND.
    Is it possible?

    Thank you

  • ADA4870

    Hi supporter,

    I'm currently designing a non-inverting amplifier using ADA4870.


    However, I accidentally leave SHUTDOWN pin (pin 3) floating.


    My questions are:

    i) What will the amplifier output behave when SHUTDOWN pin is floating? Will the…

  • RE: ADA4870 as a high current driver after a high precision DAC (18, 20 bits)

    Thank you. I notice that figure in the Datasheet and would like to use a combination of AD8675 (or LT6018) + ADA4870 to build this composite amplifier. I also want to maintain the precision of ADA4870 for high current drivers. How could I build a power…

  • ADA4870 Short Circuit protection using issue

    Hi Experts,


    I saw below in Page19 of ADA4870 spec.


    ON, INITIAL POWER-UP, AND SHORT-CIRCUIT After initial power-up, the ON pin must be pulled low to ensure that the amplifier is turned on. Subsequently, floating the ON pin enables the short-circuit…

  • output resistence of ADA4870 in shutdown mode

    Hello Sir,

    I want to use ADA4870 as bus interface-driver in my equipment.My equipment communicate to other equipments via a  twisted-pair ,and transformers are included in the twisted-pair.

    If I want to send some data to the bus,I set ADA4870 in active…

  • ada4870 used as power amplifier in HIFU  therapy system

    I want to use ada4870 as power amplifier in HIFU  therapy system,however,i could not find any research about using ada4870 as power amplifier in HIFU phased array system,instead,class A,B,AB,D and E are often used as  power amplifier,i am wondering that …

  • Can ADA4870 output voltage beyond 40V?

    Hi, everyone! I am trying to drive a ultrasound sensor with ADA4870, but the supply voltage can not exceed +-20V. Is there any way to use one more ADA4870 ICs to generate a voltage beyond 40V, like 60V?

  • RE: 为什么有时候LTspice的four运算,只显示基波,不显示高次谐波?


    我这边仿真是没有问题的。建议把ADA4870的spice model 重新建一遍。

    ADA4870 THD.log
    Questionable use of curly braces in ".four {f} v{out}"
        Error: undefined symbol in: "[out]"
    Circuit: * \\ANALOG\USERS\BEIJ\JZhu3\Desktop\LTSpice\ADA4870 THD.asc
    Direct Newton…

  • ADA4870 for high output current voltage buffer design

    Hi all,

    I am willing to use ADA4870 for the design of a voltage buffer (low output impedance) with >1A output current. Anyone suggesting a reference design with the use of more than one ADA4870  chips?