• RE: AD7124-4 for two 3 wire RTDs

    Not sure why it was appeared recently. But to update an answer on this post. The last comment referred to 3-wire configuration wherein the reference is at high side. So this might require reference resistor for each RTD. However, to save cost the user…

  • AD 9361 Fast Attack AGC Transition From State 2 to 3, and 3 to 5?

    A few questions about how AD9361 Fast Attack AGC transits from State 2 to 3, then from State 3 to 5:

    Q1) According to UG671, Fast Attack AGC locks the gain upon entering State 3. How does the AGC determine that it should exit State 2 and enter into State…

  • How can we implement 3 electrode (only 3) and 6 channel ECG with only one ADS1293 ?

    How can we implement 3 electrode (only 3) and 6 channel ECG with only one ADS1293 ?

    We can calculate goldberger , but how can we eliminate rld ?

    What is the effect of coupling vdd/2 to each electrode with a 10Mohm or high valued resistor , instead of…

  • LT4356HMS-3#WTRPBF


    in the automotive Part List  https://www.analog.com/media/en/news-marketing-collateral/product-selection-guide/arpl.pdf

    is an LT4356HMS-3#WTRPBF part number listed. I have a problem to find it by any known distributors.

    My intention to use an automotive…

  • ADE7880如何采集3相3线制电源的相电压?



  • Looking for a 6-Axis MEMS Motion sensor that combines a 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer,


    I am looking for a low power 6-Axis motion sensor for my tablet PC project. Could you suggest your recommendations for new design?.



  • ADE7880 3相3線式 各相總諧波失真ITHD、VTHD如何計算


    小弟最近在使用ADE7880諧波功能 在三相四線式量測各相ITHD與VTHD都沒問題

    在測試三相三線式(Delta接)時 所獲得的ITHD也可以正確計算出來


    後來嘗試從XVRMS跟FVRMS來自行計算 但也無法獲得正確的結果

    想請問各位先進是否有其他方式可以得到三相三線式的VTHD數值呢 謝謝~~

  • ADE7880在3相3線式時B接N要如何求B的KW跟PF值