• ADA4861 Spice Model


    I downloaded the spice model for the AD4861 and i found that it does not simulate properly without a -5V yet the datasheet clearly states that it can operate from a single supply at +5V.  Is this a known issue with the spice model?  Is there an…

  • 3-Phase 4-wire in to 3-Phase 3 Wire

    How to give input connections to ADE7878 for 3-Phase 4 wire in to 3-PH 3 Wire?

  • what does the "-3" on the brand of ADV7390/1/2/3 and ADV7340/1/2/3 indicate?

    The latest revision of the encoder has the -3 version branded on it's package. The revision code of the encoder can be read back from register 0xBB bits 7:6. 01B indicates the latest revision.

    Further information on the change made to this version…

  • ADE7880 - 3 phase 3 wire delta configuration


    As per the ADE7880 datasheet pg. 43, in three phase three wire delta configuration, Phase B active, reactive and apparent powers are 0.

    So, I would like to know if there is a way to find out the Phase B power data in three wire delta configuration…

  • Output impedance of the LTC6957-3


    I'm trying to match the output impedance of the LTC6957-3 to a 50 Ohm transmission line. In the datasheet of the LTC6957 I didn't found any information regarding the output impedance of the -3/4 variant of the chip. In the datasheet of the evaluation…

  • RE: ADRV9009-ZU11EG Multi-SOM: 3 SOMs delayed from other 3

    Probed all the outputs on the eval board and it appears CLKOUT1,2,4,7,8,11,12 are 180deg out of phase from CLKOUT0,3,5,6,9,10,13 in CMOS mode. Please use only the following outputs as SYNC: CLKOUT0,3,5,6,9,10 and 13

     Added a note about this issue here.


  • ADAU1467 booting 3 x AD1937 codec's

    Hi there,

    I'm working on a design with a central ADAU1467 DSP connected to 3 x AD1937 codecs so I can have 4 x balanced audio (mic/line) inputs and 24 balanced audio outputs.  I'm at the stage of considering the control.  I like how on the EVAL…

  • RE: ADF4356 Vs ADF4355-3


    Unfortunately, VCO supply is 5 V for ADF4356.


  • ADE9078 3相3線Delta接的問題

    最近使用ADE9078的三相電能計量, 遇到以下的問題.


    1. 規格書有提到, 計算總功耗(有功, 無功和視在), 須將A相和C相的貢獻相加,

        而我運算的結果, 只有"有功"的算完的數值是正確的, 其餘無功以及視在的數值有落差.


    三相是採用3線Delta, B相接地. 使用EVAL-ADE9078EBZ開發板+EVAL-SDP-CB1Z.




  • 3 wire 3 phase 115V(L-N) 380-665Hz prfc application

    Could you please suggest a analog pfc controller for 3 wire 3 phase, 115Vac, 380-665Hz, 380Vout, 800W, min 0,95 power factor?  I couldnt find vienna rectifier example or application note at Analog device.  My second alternative is 3 phase boost topology…