• ADUC843BCPZ32-3


    咨询下单片机ADUC843BCPZ32-3 的技术问题:

    1.)参照DATASHEET, PSEN脚在代码执行模式下应该输出高,实际输出为低(0.005V左右)。


    3.) 代码运行过程中,PSEN管脚可否通过电阻上拉到电源?



  • ADF4355-3

    In ADF4355-3  frequency synthesizer , 

    can  i use both RF outputs A and B at the same time ? 

    because iam using this IC to generate LO for two channels at the same time .

    what is the Rf output level of the both A and B at 4 GHz ? 

  • LTM2881IV-3

    1. When the thermal shutdown function is activated at 125, can the IC be back to its normal working condition when the temperature drops to some degree?
    2. For the over current protection function, will it shut down the IC? If yes, what is the maximum current…
  • ltm2881-3

    该芯片 没有5V输出,隔离前端输入正常,ON使能也拉高,但没有5v的输出.

  • ada4412-3


    I want to know  :

    1. what is the minimum, typical and maximum supply voltage recommended for ADA4412-3.

    2. What is the supply current to measure power dissipation?

    3. Analog supply voltage or digital supply voltage (It is not clear in the datasheet…

  • ADG904 (3)

    Hi Eric,

    The ADG704 has 54pF ON capacitance and it might degrade signal of TCXO (limit of 10pF).

    Sorry for repeating my question, I just don’t understand why the signal will be degraded – is the shunt transistors works when the switch is on?

    What is…

  • ADA4412-3


    Reading the ADA4412-3 datasheet regarding inputs and AC coupling. Page 9 states "If ac coupling is used, the saturated output level is higher because the drivers have to sink more current on the low side. If dual supplies are used (VS− < GND…

  • ADV7393BCPZ-3

    What does the -3 on the part marking mean?

    I don't find it on the product page or the data sheet.

  • LTM2881IV-3?


    I bought the LTM2881IV-3 (in an offline market).
    I checked the pin before using it and it was different from the datasheet as shown in the picture on the right.

    In the data sheet, pins B1 to B5 are connected to GND, and pins B6 to B8 are connected…

  • ADF4360-3

    Does anyone know of a way to adjust the frequency of the ADF4360-3 independent of the adjusting the reference, or the counter registers.  Perhaps some topology that allows a small adjustment Vtune.  The requirement is +/-2kHz or so.