• Has ibis model of ADA4858-3?

    Has ibis model of ADA4858-3?


    As checked with this link for spice models downloading, that type is cir which we cant use it.

    Would you kindly share the ibis type??



  • Smearing problem when use ADA4858-3 driving and equalizing a 100M VGA cable

    Dear Sir,
    I am working on ADA4858-3 and I am facing some technical issue.

    I designed Amplifier Driver using ADA4858-3 driving and equalizing a 100M VGA Cable ,based the application note written by an ADI application engineer via below link. Please check…

  • 求AD8013的PSpice模型


  • LTC6957-3

    Hi Team,

    We have using LTC6957-3 for Clipped sine to CMOS conversion, we using single output only, what we will do unused output PIN? 

    Thanks, Regard

    Anoop Varma m

  • RE: 3-Phase 4-wire in to 3-Phase 3 Wire

    Good Afternoon

    The ADE7878 can be configured to accept multiple different configurations including 3 phase 4 wire and 3 phase 3 wire wye and delta.  Our FAQ:  AN-639 that is available on our website has detailed diagrams of each connection on pages 12…

  • AD5421 in 3-wire circuit

    I have an existing circuit using the AD5421 as a 2-wire loop-powered transmitter.  It has a CPU, LCD display, sensor ADC, and an AD5700 for Hart transmission.  Works great.

    My customer wants to add additional circuitry that would only be used if the device…

  • ADE7880 - 3 phase 3 wire delta configuration


    As per the ADE7880 datasheet pg. 43, in three phase three wire delta configuration, Phase B active, reactive and apparent powers are 0.

    So, I would like to know if there is a way to find out the Phase B power data in three wire delta configuration…

  • ADUC843BCPZ32-3


    咨询下单片机ADUC843BCPZ32-3 的技术问题:

    1.)参照DATASHEET, PSEN脚在代码执行模式下应该输出高,实际输出为低(0.005V左右)。


    3.) 代码运行过程中,PSEN管脚可否通过电阻上拉到电源?



  • ADF4355-3

    In ADF4355-3  frequency synthesizer , 

    can  i use both RF outputs A and B at the same time ? 

    because iam using this IC to generate LO for two channels at the same time .

    what is the Rf output level of the both A and B at 4 GHz ?