• ADA4857-1 exposed pad

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    The AD4857-1 datasheet specifies that:


    Is this +VS or -VS?

    I have split supplies.

    Regards Joe

  • Can I left the PD pin of ADA4857-1 unconnected for normal operation?

    Hi, I do not want to use the power down option of ADA4857-1, so is it ok to left it unconnected (NC) ? or should I pull down this pin to GNDA or connect directly to -VS?


  • ADA4857-2 and EVAL-ADA4857-2 evaluation board


    I recently bought the ADA4857-2 high speed opamp and the bare-board that allows me to prototype various circuits using the opamp. I want to create a circuit that converts the differential output coming from LTC5586 Zero IF IQ Demod board that I have…

  • ADA4857 as charge amplifier

    We were using AD8620 Op Amp in our previous application but now want to use the ADA4857 op amp as integrator / charge amplifier. I have compared the following parameters of both the op amps

    Sl. No.
  • RE: Help with simulation using model ADA4857 running too slowly

    Ok, it's a big circuit, but here it goes....

    left portion of schematic

    remainder of schematic with overlap with image 1 for reference

    the sim is way slow when the ADA4857 is in the circuit, instead of the THS3061 at U6.

  • ADA4857 pspice Model

    I am trying to use the ADA4857 to generate a circuit model of a state variable filter in order to compare with measured results.  In our implementation, we are using a single supply (+5V/0) on the ADA4857.  When using the pspice model of the ADA4857 in…

  • ADA4857 Pspice Simulation

    I am trying to do a PSPICE simulation for ADA 4857. I imported the .cir file for this part into orcad. I am not able to tell what each pin is. Can someone help me with this?



  • ADA4857 SPICE Simulation Output Impedance

    I am running a SPICE simulation (in Altium Designer) using the supplied model for the ADA4857.  If I load the output of the amplifier with anything less than 1Meg or so the output sags very significantly - but I get reasonable performance with a 1Meg load…

  • PD pin on ADA4857 --simulation model wrong wrt datasheet?

    From the datasheet, I understand the PD pin should be tied low for normal operation (≤ (+VS − 4.2).,for +/-5V supplies).  However, for the simulation to run using this opamp, I need to tie it high.  Is the model wrong?

    Even when the model does…

  • DC Drift in Enhanced Howland Current Source build with ADA4857 and ADA4817

    I build a Howland current source that can pump bi-directional current up to 1MHz, with maximum output swing to +-10V. The schematic simulated using LTSpice is shown below.

    This circuit is also being used in analog dialogue 2009, entitled as,