• ADA4412-3


    Reading the ADA4412-3 datasheet regarding inputs and AC coupling. Page 9 states "If ac coupling is used, the saturated output level is higher because the drivers have to sink more current on the low side. If dual supplies are used (VS− < GND…

  • ADF4355-3


    I had designed recently ADF4355-3 own board.In that I want to know

       1. whether Vvco and Vdd of ADF4355-3 can be given same 3.3v from one regulator or not?

       2. what happens if these  Pin23(Vref) and Pin24(Vbias) are connected to 3.3v?

       3.Does any thing…

  • AD9517-3

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    AD9517-3 on-chip VCO frequency range is 1.75GHz-2.25GHz, but the manual's Table 28. showoing using a 10 MHz Reference Input to Generate Different VCO frequency  less than 100MHz, is this conflict with teh  VCO's frequency range 1.75GHz…

  • ADV7393BCPZ-3

    What does the -3 on the part marking mean?

    I don't find it on the product page or the data sheet.

  • AD9517-3


    我们在使用AD9517-3的过程中发现OUT0 OUT1没有时钟信号输出,只输出一个大概2V的高电平,OUT2 OUT3有时钟信号输出,OUT0/OUT1OUT2/OUT3的输出频率都是设置为120MHz,LVPECL输出电压设置为780mV(默认值),使用交流耦合。请问是怎么回事?

    OUT4 OUT5 OUT6 OUT7都有时钟信号输出。

  • Zynq7045 Supporting 3 AD9361s simultaneously

    I am curious if the Zynq 7045 can support up to 3 AD9361's at the same time (LVDS mode). I am assuming the following requirements must be met...

    • Each AD9361 on its own HR Bank to support the reference clock to a regional clock pin
    • Each AD9361 needs…
  • RE: LTpower Planner 3 3.2.3

    Hi michaad,

    Is the error occurring on a computer that's running Windows 7?  After researching the error, I believe the issue is with a setting or corrupt file on your computer.  Many forums point to an issue with Windows 7 font compatibility.  I am working…

  • Divider-by-3 duty cycle


    I need to use a divider-by-3 device in my product.

    It requires to output a signal with 50% D.C.

     Input is a 25-100MHz SE signal.

    Output is a divided-by-3 differential signal.

     Can you confirm the following:

    1. HMC794LP3E
      Datasheet states “Duty Cycle…
  • AD9371 TES invalidargument 3


    When I clicked on "Connect" from TES (AD9371), a window erros shown in below:

    InvalidArgument=Value of '3' is not valid for 'index'. 

    Parameter name: index 

    Please help me to solve this issue.

    thank you.

  • 3-phase PFC and LT8312

    We have a legacy power supply that has to be redesigned from the ground up. The input is 115 Volts, 400 Hz, four wire, three phase Wye connected. The desired output s a single DC voltage to feed downstream DC-DC converters, which will be designed separately…