• About problem of LTC4267-3

    Could you tell me about connection of PWRPD of LTC4267-3.
    Customer has made board nearly to non opto design of DC1249A.

    DC1249 and customer board is difference that Customer has used pull up 10kΩ resistance between PWRPG and PVcc and D8 is 7.5V zener diode…

  • RE: Output impedance of the LTC6957-3


    Based on these plots, it looks like the LTC6957 CMOS output has ~30-40 ohms resistance.  Some variation with temperature.

    On the eval board we had to plan for the CMOS signal going into a 50 ohm termination to ground.  However, on your board you…

  • 3-phase system measurement and 3 single-phase system measurement by ADE9000, ADE9078


    Can we measure a 3 phase system and a 3 single-phase by same circuit using ADE9000 or ADE9078? Off course the meassurement points of the 3 phase system and the 3 single-phase system are different. If no, could you please advise me the connection in…

  • ADE7880 3 phase 3-wired(Delta mode) How to calculate ITHD,VTHD value


    I use ADE7880 to analyze total harmonic distortion(THD) in 3 phae 3-wired(Delta connection)

    It's OK in ITHD each phase,the value is what I expect

    But the value of VTHD is unexpected(each phase), VTHD value is totally different from testing…

  • AD 9361 Fast Attack AGC Transition From State 2 to 3, and 3 to 5?

    A few questions about how AD9361 Fast Attack AGC transits from State 2 to 3, then from State 3 to 5:

    Q1) According to UG671, Fast Attack AGC locks the gain upon entering State 3. How does the AGC determine that it should exit State 2 and enter into State…

  • AD7734 Continuous Conversion Mode for 3 channels


    In my project I use the ADC ad7734, I need to measure only 3 channels in continuous mode, taking only 100 measurements.

    Then the measurements stop, the program goes to other branches, and after 5 seconds it returns again to a hundredfold ADC measurement…


    I am using the BASYS 3 and AD9434 board for evaluating the performances of high speed adc. After simulation, how do I export these adc output datas to csv? I need to do this because I want to do peak detection using this csv file in matlab. The ultimate…

  • RE: Creating 3 ZMQ PUB with using 1 source

    Just following the numbers out of each block: 6 M (Radio) -> 600 k (FXF) -> 60 k (FXF) -> 6 k (WBFM) -> Audio Sink

    You are decimating too much. You need to reach either 44.1 or 48 kHz.


  • How can we implement 3 electrode (only 3) and 6 channel ECG with only one ADS1293 ?

    How can we implement 3 electrode (only 3) and 6 channel ECG with only one ADS1293 ?

    We can calculate goldberger , but how can we eliminate rld ?

    What is the effect of coupling vdd/2 to each electrode with a 10Mohm or high valued resistor , instead of…