• Leakage current of /SDN ADA4851-1

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Our customer asked as folowing question.

    As for your ADA4851-1,
    What is your output leakage current when /PDN is enabled?

    In fact, he has put the transistor 2SC6075 at ADA4851-1 output, and has driven the laser diode.
    But when he change…

  • ADA4851-1 : Input current and protection diodes


    I'll be using an ADA4851-1 (supplied +5V) in a high-voltage (up to 60V during a small-time during which the OA isn't supplied, then max 38V in nominal operation) sensing application, with a bridge divider (1:11 with a 100kOhms and a 10kOhms which…

  • ADA4851-1 maximum value of Input Offset Voltage Drift.


    ADA4851-1 data sheet doesn't have maximum value definition of Input Offset Voltage Drift.

    Could you provide rough estimation of it?



  • RE: Is output High-Z when disable? ADA4851-1

    Hi Moto,

    What part are you referring to? Is it the ADA4851-1 or ADA4853-1? I would like to clarify that power down and disable state of the amplifier has a slight difference.

    You can refer to this rarely asked question which has a discussion on the…

  • ADA4851 differences between single and dual

    hello everyone,
    i am having a hard time understanding the huge difference in behavior that i see between the single (ADA4851-1) and dual (ADA4851-2) versions of this amplifier.
    my supply is +- 5V
    my input is a DC to 10mhz, 0 to 1v sinewave
    i am testing both…

  • Replacement for ada4851-4

    I am presently using ADA4851(4 channel) as a unity gain buffer .But it isnt a rail to rail I/O IC and also requires a huge headroom (2.2v)

    I am looking for a replacement for this IC which has rail to rail operation or aleast with less headroom(<1v)…

  • (ADA4851-x)Power supply operating range.

    Hi !

    I have a question about the ADA4851-x's datasheet.

    For example Table.1 t Page4 , it says "SPECIFICATIONS WITH +3V SUPPLY" ,

    but at the Table.1 it says Operation Range is 2.7V to 12V.

    And also the datasheet is written by each supply…

  • Feedback resistors for ADA4851-4

    We are using an ADA4851-4 where the op amps are in a typical non-inverting configuration with a input resistance of, say, 2K ohms and a 2K resistor from the positive input to ground.  For a signal bandwidth of 30 MHz, what is a good range of feedback resistor…

  • Clipper circuit with using ADA4851

    Hi , 

    I am checking a Clipper circuit  with ADA4851. 

    And when simulate with various voltage , I find a relation between the Voltage at non inverting and supply voltage .

    When using in 0-5V supply , +3V at non inverting terminal i see that the out is clamped…

  • ADA4807-4替换ADA4851-4