• Leakage current of /SDN ADA4851-1

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Our customer asked as folowing question.

    As for your ADA4851-1,
    What is your output leakage current when /PDN is enabled?

    In fact, he has put the transistor 2SC6075 at ADA4851-1 output, and has driven the laser diode.
    But when he change…

  • RE: ADA4851-1 : Input current and protection diodes

    Hi Lucas,

    You are correct, the failure mechanism is not the over-voltage per se, but the current that the over-voltage current causes. Limiting the current flowing to the input by less than 5mA is the rule of of thumb for most of the op amps. No damage…

  • Is output High-Z when disable? ADA4851-1



    For example, ADA4853-1 has power down pin.

    Is that output high-z condition, when it has disabled?

    If that is true, so we can design exclusive output without analog switch, I think.

    (tied these outputs. and turn on the only one device)

    Is there…

  • ADA4851-1 maximum value of Input Offset Voltage Drift.


    ADA4851-1 data sheet doesn't have maximum value definition of Input Offset Voltage Drift.

    Could you provide rough estimation of it?



  • AD8418A Maximum power dissipation

    I have a request for Maximum power dissipation (Derating curve) of AD8418A.

    For the case of ADA4851 ,I can see thermal resistance(table 5) and Derating curve (figure 5) of page 10 on data sheet.

    Do you have these data for AD8418A same as ADA4851?

  • RE: Replacement for ada4851-4

    Hello Sai,

    For a RRIO replacement for the ADA4851-4, I would recommend the AD8040 The AD8040 is 125MHz RRIO low power quad op amp, that should meet your needs nicely.


    John Ardizzoni

    High Speed Amplifiers

    Product Manager

  • Feedback resistors for ADA4851-4

    We are using an ADA4851-4 where the op amps are in a typical non-inverting configuration with a input resistance of, say, 2K ohms and a 2K resistor from the positive input to ground.  For a signal bandwidth of 30 MHz, what is a good range of feedback resistor…

  • RE: (ADA4851-x)Power supply operating range.

    Hi Kawa,


    The Table of Specifications: SPECIFICATIONS WITH +3 V SUPPLY, SPECIFICATIONS WITH +5 V SUPPLY and SPECIFICATIONS WITH ±5 V SUPPLY shows the ADA4851 typical performance at supplies +3V, +5V and ±5, respectively. If you notice, with different…

  • ADA4807-4替换ADA4851-4