• How would you explain that the 3rd harmonic is so high with the ADA4841 compared to the AD8065?

    My customer received the evaluation board at the beginning of the week and he performed several measures on it with the AD8065 mounted on the evaluation board and with the ADA4841.

    Here are the results:

    Fe = 384 kHz

    F = 95 kHz

    1) AD5452 + ADA4841…

  • ADA4841: Voltage reference driver VS input common-mode range

    I have asked a related question here in ADC section: Unstable, voltage reference of AD7682/AD7689

    But I think it may be more appropriate to put the question here.

    I am using ADA4841 to buffer a voltage reference. The ADA4841 is powered with +5V and…

  • RE: How do I map the ADA4841 spice model pins to device actual pins



      If you go to the product page for the ADA4841, and download the spice model, it has the text labeling I showed earlier.

    For Orcad/PSpice, I usually copy a symbol, rename it to ADA4841 or whateverk, and then have the model line point to


  • RE: Choosing a good opamp for a mic preamp

    Hi Jerad,

    I would recommend the ADA4841-1, -2 (single and dual version) in the low voltage application that you are discussing; it is spec'd down to 2.7 V. The ADA4841 has half the Input Noise (2.1 nV/rtHz) and is lower power than the other parts that…

  • RE: Unstable, voltage reference of AD7682/AD7689


    well seen, Harry, that the input voltage of the ADA4841 is beyond the limits.

    As 4.096 V is just marginal too high and the thread is not marked as answered, I want to suggest a few more tips

    that Richie could try:

    1. The 10 uF capacitor on the…
  • RE: ADAU1777硬件设计的接法?

    ADA4841-2 OR ADA4075-2 are OK for this.

  • RE: Why AD4841 is not rail-to-rail?

    Hello Richie,

    The problem is that you are exceeding the input voltage range of the ADA4841-2, which is on a +5V supply is -0.1V to 4V. If you want to use the ADA4841-2 to buffer the reference you’ll need to increase the power supply to at least 1V above…

  • RE: AD8421使用疑问

    1. ADA4841的+IN引脚接到哪里?两片ADA4841的输出用示波器看看有没有震荡。

    2. AD8421单电源的情况下,输入共模不能是0。您参考一下这个设计工具:http://www.analog.com/designtools/en/diamond/#difL=-0.1&difR=0.1&difSl=-0.1&gain=100&l=-8&pr=AD8422&r=8&sl=-8&tab=1&ty=1&vn=-15&vp=15&vr=0…

  • RE: ADA4841 Exposed Pad

    The question is what you consider GND.  Is GND the negative supply or the system GND.  For example, if I have +Vs (Pin 8) connected to +5V and -Vs (Pin 4) connected to -5V, is the exposed pad connected to 0V or to -5V?

  • ADA4841-2YRZ Op Amp

    I am laying out a board based on the ADAU1452.This is the eval board for the DSP. I cant find a spice model for the ADA4841-2YRZ. This is my first time laying out a board. I have the dash 1 part in my data base. But can't seem to get the model for the…