• ADA4841 Exposed Pad

    The datasheet for the ADA4841 says that the exposed paddle of the LFCSP package should be connected to ground (Figure 3 on first page).  In a split supply design is that Ground (0V) or is it the negative supply?

  • ADA4841 spice model

    I am trying to use ADA4841 spice model in LTspice and also in Spectre. In both cases the results are corrupt. The output node shows -0.6V while VEE is at GND. I amk suspecting the model is corrupt

    Does anyone have the previous release of this library…

  • ADA4841-2YRZ Op Amp

    I am laying out a board based on the ADAU1452.This is the eval board for the DSP. I cant find a spice model for the ADA4841-2YRZ. This is my first time laying out a board. I have the dash 1 part in my data base. But can't seem to get the model for the…

  • ADA4841 Input voltage headroom

    Hi there,

    I'm building a precision voltage generator and I'm using a DAC to drive the ADA4841 which is in a voltage follower configuration.

    Previously it was the ADA4807, but it had some issues like: powering the unit from the USB and batteries…

  • ADA4841 input current range


    I am planning to use the ADA4841 to drive the AD7980 and am having trouble finding the input current range of this amp.  Is it 10nA to 10uA?

    Thank you,


  • ADA4841: Voltage reference driver VS input common-mode range

    I have asked a related question here in ADC section: Unstable, voltage reference of AD7682/AD7689

    But I think it may be more appropriate to put the question here.

    I am using ADA4841 to buffer a voltage reference. The ADA4841 is powered with +5V and…

  • 發現ADA4841-2新的問題!!!!






  • ADA4841输入阻抗问题咨询



  • ADA4841最大供电电压是多少?

    ADA4841最大供电电压是±12V,还是|+Vs|+|-Vs|=12V? 有类似性能但供电电压更宽的型号吗?

  • RE: How would you explain that the 3rd harmonic is so high with the ADA4841 compared to the AD8065?

    The slew rate of the op-amp affects the third harmonics amplitude. So if you look at the AD8065, the slew rate is 180V/us whereas the ADA4841-1 has a slew rate of 12V/us. This difference in Slew Rate is more than likely causing the problem.