• ADA4817-1 Power Down


    My customers are considering ADA 4817-1.

    So I got a question.
    It is about operation in the Power Down state.

    #1  Is the input pin High-Z (high impedance)?

    #2  Does the current leak from the input pin?

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  • ADA4817的IBIS模型


  • AD8045 and ADA4817 input protection


    I have seen in the Q&A discussion about limiting the input current to 5mA for input protection, but this is just a 'rule of thumb'

    Is there an actual specification of the input current limit on these opamps?

    AD8045 & ADA4817.


  • Noise in ADA4817 SPICE Model


    I noticed a mismatch in voltage noise performance between the datasheet (4nV/rtHz) and the SPICE model (~2.5nV/rtHz) of the ADA4817. I use Microcap 9.X and connected the Amp as a simple voltage follower. Can someone confirm this behaviour on another…

  • ADA4817-1 Input impedance change


    My customers are considering using ADA 4817-1.

    So I got a question.

    Does the input impedance vary with frequency?

    If it changes, how will it change?

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  • Can ADA4817 be supplied by +6.5V /-3.5V rail for a long time

    Dear Sir or Madam 

    As I say at the Subject Column , can ADA4817 be supplied by +6.5V /-3.5V  rail  running forever ? while the load of the amplifier is about 130ohm , the input signal is between -2V to +5V . 

    In addition , I am debugging a board relevant…

  • ADA4817-1 differential to single end

    I use ADA4817-1 to convert differential voltage to single end. The common voltage is +0.3V ~ +0.7V, and the differential voltage is about 5mV to 2000mV. The source impedance is about 5k ~10k Ohm. Signal frequency from DC to100MHz.

    The simple circuit…

  • ADA4817-1 bias current & temparature graph

    My customers are considering using ADA 4817-1, but I got a question.

    #1 Is a graph of input bias current and temperature change prepared?

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  • ADA4817 quiescent current during nonlinear operation


    My customers are considering using ADA 4817.

    It seems that they want to know quiescent current during nonlinear operation.
    Vs: ± 5 V
    Gain: × 5
    Input: 4 Vp-p

    #1  When using under the above conditions, does the quiescent current increase from the MAX…

  • ADA4817 max input curent & ESD protection spec

    According to the datasheet ADA4817 has some ESD protection circuits inside

    Probably as a part of it - input protection diodes.

    Is there any specification for maximum input currents of this part available ?

    What is a spec for the ESD protection ?