• ADA4817 Exposed Pad

    My customers are considering ADA4817-1ACPZ.
    ADA4817-1ACPZ has Exposed Pad.
    The data sheet is "Can be connected to GND, -VS plane, or left floating."
    When the customer selects "left floating", how many THERMAL RESISTANCE of ADA4817-1ACPZ?…

  • ada4817 input protection

    There is no clear statement in the ADA4817 data sheet whether there are protection diodes from inputs to the power rails. There is no specification of the current these eventual diodes can support. Can you please help with this info?

    Thank you.

  • Input protection ADA4817

    Hello on and all!

    Currently i am working on a CCD video amplifier circuit. The ADA4817 build up an important part as a programmable an as a instrumentational amplifier.

    Now i have measured a behavior i can not explain myself...

    For a simplified representation…

  • ADA4817-1 output -> inverting input capacitance

    Hi all,

    I'm prototyping a low-noise photodiode frontend using the ADA4817-1 with 2 MΩ transimpedance gain.

    Despite considerable efforts to reduce feedback capacitance, I can't seem to get more than ~730 kHz bandwidth (-3 dB). Using the updated SPICE…

  • RE: What is the AC input impedance of the ADA4817

    Hi JinoL,

    thanks for your answer.

    I have modeled the input impedance by using the circuit you showed. As you wrote before, |Z| is approximately 1/(2pi*f*C) at high frequencies and results in about 122Kohms at 1MHz.

    However, the measured result was a…

  • ADA4817 oscillation problem


    I am using ADA4817_1 in my circuit as low noise amplifier. I am using SOIC package. In my PCB I am using it as DIP so I have used SOIC to DIP adapter. The SOIC package has metal under its body. On my adapter there is metal in the middle line of the…

  • PD-Function in ADA4817


    What exactly happens when the ADA4817 is powered down? If I disable it while there is still a signal at its inputs, what is the ouput stage doing then? Is it being put in a high-impedance state or is it shorting to one of the rails?

    Best Regards…

  • ADA4817 - Transimpedance Configuration Evaluation


    I purchased the evaluation board for the ADA4817 amplifier (model ADA4817-1ACP-EBZ) and have set it up in a transimpedance configuration. My problem is that  I'm not sure on how I measure its frequency response. I'll be using a VNA for this purpose…

  • ADA4817-1 Power Down


    My customers are considering ADA 4817-1.

    So I got a question.
    It is about operation in the Power Down state.

    #1  Is the input pin High-Z (high impedance)?

    #2  Does the current leak from the input pin?

    Best regards


  • ADA4817的IBIS模型